The companies are using identity and access management systems to share essential data without human intervention.

FREMONT, CA: In the hyper-connected world, the best identity and access management software must protect everything that connects the network on-premise or cloud-based starting from data, users, systems, and devices. The companies must understand that the IAM solution, which they select has to cope with the instances where IoT devices and systems communicate and share data without any human intervention.

When the companies start evaluating the IAM products, they must look for the IAM software or IAM platform to examine the range of IAM services so that the ideal IAM providers collaborate with their solutions. It is also essential for them to recognize the identity and access management principles and methods applied. For many organizations, the best IAM strategy is to use IAM-managed services developed on identity and access management best practices and a robust IAM policy structure and governance model.

Select an Identity and Access Management System

To select the ideal identity and access management software can be difficult, but the market is filled with several IAM products and solutions that offer several features. The companies must invest their time working out with IAM's capabilities that are necessary for the business before making the ultimate decision.

Advanced multi-factor authentication

Most of the breaches occur due to compromised passwords due to which multi-factor authentication is an essential element for enterprise IAM solutions. The traditional IAM system depends on the simple username and password authentication, which can increase the system's vulnerability. But the multi-factor authentication can avoid such a situation because the users have to provide additional authentication factors that are better than a password before access is granted. For example, the companies can use biometrics, strong security tokens, and a one-time code to increase user trust.

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