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CyberSecurity Review, through its print and digital magazines, website, and newsletters, aims to provide real-life knowledge, best practices and advances in the ever-changing CyberSecurity market to assist organizations to protect themselves from increasing instances and complexity of security breaches due to insider and outsider threats. There is also a need for strict compliance with regulatory requirements imposed by governments.

Our readers are the ones who owe the responsibility to keep the cyber environment in their workplace all secure and updated.

Our contributors are senior-level managers and professionals responsible for cybersecurity in large to medium organizations. We aim to bring buyers' perspective, needs and challenges they face in keeping their workplaces secure. Our goal is to provide a vendor-neutral platform where enterprise cybersecurity experts can learn from challenges facing their peers and approaches being taken by different organizations to keep their organizations secure from cyber threats.

Just in the U.S. alone, organizations will spend on the order of about $200 billion in 2020 alone. The cybersecurity industry is not only big and changing extremely fast, it's also flooded with vendors—more than 1,200 by some estimates. With so many vendors offering seemingly the same products and services, it's not always easy to choose the best fit to secure an organization's environment.

CyberSecurity Review aims to do special issues in areas like vulnerability management, multi-factor authentication, and Artificial Intelligence, among others to give our readers in-depth immersions about essential topics in CyberSecurity for enterprises. In each issue, we also identify top companies in that area as recommended by our subscribers.

We invite cybersecurity vendors to advertise with us and get exposed to a community who not only understands what they are offering but are continually looking for new technologies and platforms which can provide a better sense of security to their organization.

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