With the rise of daunting cyber-attacks, the scope and the scale of identity access management will continue to grow healthy.

FREMONT, CA: With advances in modern technology, stealing passwords and hacking into enterprise networks is easier than ever, which stresses the importance of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Identity and access management systems add an extra layer of security over the business’s network. Managers can control which groups of employees have access to which applications. Implementing IAM services is proactive if the team consists of numerous departments with unique roles. Here are some of the major trends shaping the IAM landscape.

• Next-Generation Adaptive Access Services

One of the most important trends in IAM today is the ubiquitous use of analytics. Whereas conventional adaptive authentication was rule-based, the next generation of adaptive access services couples rules with machine learning and advanced analytics. Rules are useful but limiting. Unsupervised learning is good at anomaly identification, and an enterprise can establish a baseline for a user or a group of users, and it can identify that today the user is behaving differently and take corrective action.

• Privileged Access Management (PAM)

PAM is all about guarding the keys. It is one of the most vital security controls to implement. The positive news is that IT leaders can rapidly realize value with PAM controls by mitigating the attack surface. However, the reduction does not necessarily mean elimination, as privileges are hidden everywhere. Tackling this needs finding and managing accounts, alongside revamping the operational model for privileged access overall.

• Use of Biometric

As the cyber-criminals have started deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning into their attacks, they can seamlessly decrypt the most complex passwords. Thus, as an alternative option to password authentication, biometric authentication, including retinal scans, facial recognition, and fingerprints, has experienced a significant adoption rate.

• Blockchain in IAM

Blockchain has experienced a drastic transformative journey. It has now become an imagination-capturing marketplace. Features like transparency, reliability, robustness, and integrity make, public and private sectors believe that blockchain can add value to an enterprise.

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