Identity and access management (IAM) is the first step for companies to achieve the utmost security for their cloud infrastructure. 

FREMONT, CA: Identity and access management are the initial stages to accomplish cloud security. Many companies are embracing cloud technologies rapidly, but while doing that, they are leaving the cloud infrastructure vulnerable. To offer a safe and secure environment, it is necessary to store identifiable information is essential.

The identity and access management (IAM) systems offer the ability to develop and manage user accounts, access rights, and roles of the individual users in an organization. The companies integrate password management, access governance, user provisioning, policy management, and identity repositories in the complicated design. Providing IAM can be a huge task due to which the companies might deal with many challenges. The companies might be asked to confirm the accounts in the IAM systems and the access systems for everyone using it, which can be a challenging task.

1. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is important

MFA is the initial stage in developing layers of trust. There are also two other layers of authentication apart from passwords, which are only known to the users.

The biometric information or voice recognition that they have inherited

A key or a security pass which they already have

MFA is essential for the security system because it ensures that when the hackers breach one layer of there is another layer of security that they have to breach before getting access to the cloud.

2. Never share account credentials

Not sharing account details is the primary protocol that must be maintained while managing credentials that can be utilized to get access to the cloud infrastructure. Instead of just sharing accounts, the companies can develop individual IAM users for the employees that require access to a cloud resource. It will also permit the admin to assign a unique set of permissions for different users based on their job requirements.

3. Always audit access to resources

It is essential to review the company's IAM policies regularly to make sure they are granting the least privileges. Examining the access logs will provide another layer of security to the cloud infrastructure due to which the admins can also witness who has accessed what and when. 

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