Brian Page, CTO, XiologixBrian Page, CTO
The extent of cyber-attacks has evolved to the point that organizations need to move beyond simple user awareness training and proactively engage in actively monitoring the activities occurring within their networks. Even though the foremost need is for flexible models that offer holistic protection of sensitive data and ensure that the security is based on a centralized system, organizations must also consider the complexities of regulatory and industry compliance requirements. Today, organizations cannot maintain reactive approaches to cybersecurity, where they come into action once attacked. Xiologix, one of the leading providers of Managed Security Services, makes sure that their clients are proactive in tackling various threat vectors, are aware of the threats’ extent, and provides solutions aligned with targeted business objectives.

Portland-based Xiologix provides hardware, software, and services to help clients resolve their pertinent technology needs. "In terms of security, we can help with compliance requirements, Incident Response, monitoring, and detection response problems addressing ransomware and indicators of compromise. We're constantly developing our professionals internally to address and be aligned with the entire industry, preparing us to support our clients during even their most dire situations," says Brian Page, CTO, Xiologix. The company builds an overall security goal for its clients and puts a plan in place that helps them align with the objectives without having an in-house skill set. Xiologix is all about flexible, customized service solutions to meet client needs.

To customize the solution, Page's team performs the initial gap analysis in the client's environment and helps them understand their current state, then devises a plan to attain their security needs. The team showcases various security services and solutions that can be layered on top of that plan. The security milestones are explained, ensuring they are within the compliance requirements. The security solutions help the clients attain their compliance requirements or longterm business goals and reduce risk.

Xiologix is vendor agnostic, and focus on managing the tools necessary to deliver the service to their clients. Post-implementation, there are regularly scheduled meetings with clients to review metrics to determine improvement, enabling Xiologix to be a part of the clients' decision-making process, not just an addon or an afterthought to reach their goals. The customer being the center of the thought process was quite visible when a retail client encountered payment card industry (PCI) and data security services compliance issues. The client was unaware of its current state and where they needed to be. First, they were educated on their compliance requirements from the payment card industry. Based on a gap analysis, the client was informed about their current state and where they needed to be. "Over the course of about 12 months, we walked through each of those steps, and helped them configure their environment properly," says the CTO. In addition, Xiologix offered logging and correlation analysis services and managed detection and response services so that the client now has an eye on everything that's occurring in the environment 24x7. Further, they can generate reports that can be shared with the PCI auditors in a timely fashion.
  • In Terms Of Security, We Can Help With Compliance Questions, Problems Addressing Ransomware, And Indicators Of Compromise

Governance is an essential aspect for Page, and likewise, his team is passionately focused on client success. “To make our clients successful, we must maintain our expertise in our field of study,” says Page, who keeps his focus on cybersecurity. Xiologix fosters a culture where everyone is aligned to identify risk in an effective manner and time frame, ensuring clients are fully aware of their risk posture at all times..