The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices have truly opened the world up to new business opportunities and technological breakthroughs. Companies, on a global scale, are eager to adopt and implement these technological marvels in their organizational setup due to the myriad of advantages they offer. With the help of connected devices’ capabilities, an enterprise can streamline mundane operations and open new revenue streams while maximizing existing ones. However, due to IoT technology’s fast-paced evolution, there has been a significant rise in security and regulatory concerns by IT professionals and organizations all over the world. To address these challenges and bolster a company’s digital architecture with (adjective) cybersecurity, numerous enterprise security solution providers have emerged, and leading this virtual cyber threat combat from the front is Xage Security.

Having being acknowledged as last year’s IoT Security Platform of the Year by IoT Breakthrough Awards, Xage Security is considered among the best IT companies in the world to develop an enterprise-wide security platform—Xage Gateway—that leverages blockchain technology. “Our organization excels in the development and provision of autonomous, efficient, and connected networks that will help industries move forward securely,” says Duncan Greatwood, an expert in connected enterprise security management, and CEO of Xage Security.

Besides Xage Gateway, the company also delivers a comprehensive suite of security applications that facilitate secure interactions between machines, people, and data by distributing private datasets across a company’s IT infrastructure and its affiliate devices. This creates a tamper-proof networking framework for safe communication and authentication—resulting from the platform’s ability to decentralize the security surrounding the machines and its operations. By doing so, there is a cybersecurity net cast over an organization’s entire connected IT infrastructure.

“Unlike traditional centralized security models, our platform gets stronger and performs more efficiently with every new device added to a network,” explains Greatwood.
Xage Gateway leverages blockchain technology to create a distributed, redundant, self-healing platform that protects identity, enrolment, and peer-to-peer data exchange—in addition to authentication—on the edge-computing front. Xage Security’s solution is able to determine if any malware has affected a connected device or its process, and quickly isolates the problem. Following which, the platform solves the issue before the bug can infiltrate other parts of the network and cause undesired, long-term damage.

Xage Security’s solutions and services are designed to adapt and add value for businesses in the IoT marketplace. And while they cater to IT infrastructures across all verticals like the oil and gas upstream sector and retail, the enterprise security company predominantly caters its offerings to the manufacturing and other factory-dominated sectors. By means of its cutting-edge security platform, Xage Security supports manufacturers with an intuitive role-based access control (RBAC) solution. This methodology ensures that industrial control systems (ICS) and industrial IoT (IIoT) devices operate effectively and efficiently only by the users that are granted access to the systems. Moreover, users can operate on the system from remote locations, which helps in saving time and money, while bolstering security protocols with built-in failsafes and end-to-end encryption. To further extend security coverage and complement RBAC’s functionality, the company also offers Xage Enforcement Point (XEP). “With XEP, a client can make use of their legacy control systems to connect with the newest IoT machines and devices in a fully password-protected network,” boasts Greatwood.

As a company that is leading the enterprise network security space since 2016, Xage Security has come a long way in terms of organizational growth. With top-notch companies like GE and Saudi Aramco investing over 16 million dollars in Xage Security’s IIoT solutions and services, Greatwood and his team look forward to causing a paradigm shift in today’s centralized IT security systems. “Thus, we are not just unifying the siloed IT space, we also providing round the clock protection to the growing, heterogeneous world of IoT and connected devices,” concludes Greatwood.