Rob Goehring, CEO, Wisr AIRob Goehring, CEO
Today, most cybersecurity implementations focus on mitigating technical risks and problems in an enterprise network. Tools for preventing attacks typically search for vulnerabilities in existing defensive measures. However, as the recent data breaches in the healthcare space suggest, implementing strong security measures is not enough in the current threat landscape. What businesses today need is a system that can evaluate global information and forecast when the likelihood of a cyberattack is at its highest, based on dynamically changing international events.

“Our Wisr platform utilizes global data monitoring and AI capabilities to predict where, when and even how the potential cyberattack is going to take place,” says Rob Goehring, CEO of Wisr AI. The Wisr platform, eponymous with the company’s name, monitors global data feeds from news and social media channels before turning those into actionable insights that enhance data security. The company develops AI and neural network models to evaluate data and construct firmographic “fingerprints” to profile cyber breaches and ever-evolving global conditions to deliver early warning and risk profiles.

The Wisr platform also keeps an eye out in deep web chat rooms for conversations regarding malicious activities to identify common vulnerabilities and exposures likely to be exploited by cybercriminals. Other features of the Wisr platform include cyber breach alerts, firmographic analysis, prioritized risk management, and third-party vendor network tracking. Despite its inherent predictability, the platform’s ability to enlighten security professionals and improve their understanding of cyber threats is what distinguishes it from other platforms.

As businesses continue to implement third-party solutions, the problem of identifying which vendors could constitute a security risk is becoming a prevalent challenge. Companies tend to consider only the immediate technical disruptions instead of narrowing down the source of security inefficiencies. Wisr’s third-party vendor tracking feature focuses on providing enterprises predictive visibility into their inherent risk from third-party vendors and supply chain partners connected to an IT network. The Wisr platform creates a system of risk scores for an enterprise and all of its vendors through an in-house AI/ ML model, which assesses similar, breached organizations to provide an accurate estimate of risk.
  • Our Wisr platform utilizes global data monitoring and AI capabilities to predict where, when and even how the potential cyberattack is going to take place

Highlighting Wisr’s strong competencies is a recent client collaboration that overcame the difficulties associated with an organization’s employment of their cyber risk score system. Initially, the client had many third-party vendors linked to the solution, which indicated that all vendors within their IT infrastructure were driving significant security hazards. After comparing each vendor with global events that took place over a particular period, Wisr reduced the list from approximately 1,000 to 25. With Wisr, the firm could prioritize resources to mitigate real third-party vulnerabilities and accurately rank cyber risk across their operation.

Wisr is looking for collaborations with third-party cybersecurity systems to supply its data stream and enable a holistic enhancement of feature sets within the emerging solutions. Above all, Wisr’s core mission is to leverage its platform to help clients effectively manage their risk profiles against emerging hackers and other security risks, allowing them to gain much-needed peace of mind.