Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO & CTO (Co-Founder), Wedge Networks, IncDr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO & CTO (Co-Founder)
"Most cyber breaches come from the network. Our vision is of a network that is clean of all malicious content, allowing the endpoints connected to it to be free of security breaches. To achieve this, not only do we need effective algorithms for individual types of threats, but we also need a platform to orchestrate these algorithms so that we can defend against all forms of threats cost-effectively,” begins Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO, CTO and co-founder of Wedge Networks, emphasizing on the importance of real-time threat management through orchestration.

Today, organizations are witnessing wide ranges of security threats that are addressed by an even lengthier number of solutions. However, the concept of pitting attack vs defense is asymmetric, as breaches are circumstantial and defense is a consistent requirement. Such an idea translates into a massive imbalance in the costs associated with sustaining a business infrastructure. To address such problems, firms used next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and unified threat management (UTM) systems by jamming every defense mechanism into a fixed box. But, this strategy proves to be wholly inadequate for the volumetric attacks witnessed by the cloud-connected organizations. And, such vulnerabilities only increase with the proliferation of newer technologies, probing organizations to invest heavily on security just to stay afloat. Thus, Zhang stresses on the need for security management through orchestration to provide real-time threat prevention in today’s cloud-connected world.

Zhang’s vision is materialized through Wedge Networks, an organization specializing in orchestrated real-time threat management with a patented and innovative technology platform, serving as a network security tool-of-choice for enterprises, managed security service providers (MSSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and system integrators (SIs). The firm brings in a revolutionary approach to secure today’s cloud-connected world with its patented Deep Content Inspection (DCI) technology. “There are very effective, deep learning based detection mechanisms that feed digital objects into trained neural networks to detect brand new, targeted malicious attacks.
However, such an ability is not available at the network when the best visibility available is not the holistic digital objects but is merely the packets. WedgeDCI allows feature extraction of MIME objects from the network flow in real time. We can feed them into well trained neural networks to detect and block targeted and never-before-seen malware,” states Zhang. The firm’s Absolute Real-time Prevention™ (WedgeARP) platform can orchestrate the latest AI technology along with a growing number of other best-of-breed security functions. WedgeARP’s algorithm can automatically zoom in computing resources to defend against the most pressing attacks at any time. The virtualized nature of solutions in WedgeARP breaks down the conventional industry shackles of proprietary hardware, in order to run on any commercial off-the-shelf server for unbounded capacity potential.

Wedge Networks has been providing advanced cybersecurity applications since 2008. Today, it has customers and partners in 17 countries while protecting nearly one hundred million endpoints. Based on a robust software technology platform, Wedge Networks collaborates with various organizations to help them limit the risk of data breaches. Such an association is with one of the largest medical trauma centers (MTC) in Canada which best demonstrates its expertise in cybersecurity. MTS serves nearly half a million patients per day in a modern facility with lots computers, and computerized medical equipment. Any breaches on MTS’ healthcare systems can disrupt the business operations and can detrimentally impact patients’ lives. Consequently, MTS selected Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker™ (WedgeAMB™) to provide effective real-time, inline malware prevention. This solution not only protected the organization’s typical patient management systems but also defended the associated diagnostic machinery.

To better serve its growing customer base, Wedge Networks is actively working with its partners around the globe to offer WedgeARP as an effective and scalable cyber security solution for modern enterprises to fortify their information.