Paul Viollis, CEO, Viollis Group International (VGI)Paul Viollis, CEO
In light of the recent uptick in enterprise data breaches, private companies nationwide are bolstering and upgrading their cybersecurity protocols. Additionally, many of these companies do not believe that they can handle their personal information responsibly. Too much data has already been breached, and bad actors are always looking for new ways to infiltrate secure data. As these attacks mature into an increasingly lucrative and well-developed business model, preemptive solutions have become the need of the hour. Addressing this need is Viollis Group International (VGI), a security consultancy based in New York. The company focuses on validating the integrity of their clients’ cybersecurity systems and eradicating their challenges. Their clients include corporations, corporate executives, high-profile individuals, and private families, as they handle, “everything that a law enforcement agency handles,” mentions Paul Viollis, CEO of Viollis Group International.

Viollis believes that with security, people’s interest depends directly on what they watch on the news or what they know to be a real threat. For example, when the Madoff investment scandal was brought into the limelight, the demand for background investigations increased and during the Sony Pictures’ data breach, the need for competent cybersecurity solutions had taken on greater precedence. Consequently, VGI is poised to address the vulnerabilities of both past instances of compromise, while also playing a steady watch on the needs of the future. As a result, the company offers a plethora of different security options, including background verification, CCTVs, and cybersecurity systems, to tackle various security challenges.

The company takes a systematic approach to tailoring the ideal security program for each client’s unique concerns. As such, VGI’s nonemergency onboarding process starts with providing a non-disclosure agreement assuring complete confidentiality and a personal conversation surrounding clients’ needs.

This allows VGI to authenticate the client’s expectations preemptively and conduct the preliminary work to understand the scope of the issue. The firm then follows up with an engagement letter that illustrates the scope of work, methodology, approach, and costs while illustrating every single component of the engagement. This is followed by a vulnerability benchmarking exercise aimed at understanding the client’s digital and personal exposure. Subsequently, the company’s cybersecurity team presents these findings to the client and recommends practical solutions to enhance security.

We handle everything that a law enforcement agency handles for individuals and private organizations

To give an example, one of VGI’s longtime clients approached them with a unique security issue. A C-level executive’s daughter had shared her personal information online with a stranger she met on a social media website. Consequently, the client received an email with an attachment that contained an image of his teenage daughter. VGI was called in, and their cybersecurity team investigated the matter and tracked the origin of the message, which led them to the Philippines. Their global footprint allowed them to respond quickly and neutralize the situation within 72 hours. Ever since the incident, VGI transferred the family’s online engagements to a secure channel, to be monitored round the clock.

Such success stories stem from VGI’s commitment to solving its clients’ diverse security issues, by leveraging a team of experts in various disciplines. Additionally, having served in Law Enforcement and DOD related National Security in concert with heading several corporate security consultancies, Viollis’ own past experience is extremely valuable in dealing with corporate espionage, extortion, cybersecurity, and family protection. This allows him to have a unique and indepth perspective on every case, as he leads VGI from the front as their guiding leader and CEO. Moving ahead, the company plans to focus more on the cyber intelligence space and seeks to combine its capabilities in cybersecurity, secure email monitoring, and IT to identify and preemptively address potential vulnerabilities.