Eric Harmon, CEO, TrustwaveEric Harmon, CEO
Businesses around the world strive to keep sensitive data safe. This can be a daunting task for organizations faced with a multitude of other challenges. Given the very public explosion of ransomware and an ever-growing list of other cyber threats, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to meet the insatiable demand for cybersecurity. Besides, handling security in-house can cost a lot of money on training and technology. Outsourcing the same saves the cost of acquiring a full-time staff of security specialists. Besides, with the increase of internal and external communication, including through email systems, mobile messaging platforms, and social media, having a full-service security solution protecting an organization’s valuable data and communications is a necessity, not a luxury. Therefore, joining hands with a managed security solution provider stands to be a wise decision as they reduce costs, ensures protection, and enables organizations to focus their attention on other important aspects of their business. Enter Trustwave.

Chicago-based Trustwave is one of the leading cybersecurity and managed security services providers geared towards threat detection and response. With over 26 years of experience, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed security services, consulting and professional services, and data protection technology that helps businesses embrace digital transformation securely. On another note, Trustwave is a Singtel company and the global security arm of Singtel, Optus, and NCS, with customers in various parts of the world. According to Eric Harmon, CEO of Trustwave, be it an organization disputed with overcoming skills shortages, combating new threat adversaries, or seeking for more efficiency around IT initiatives, the company understands that all businesses are different, and thereby its managed security services are configured for flexibility.

Going the extra mile, Trustwave offers its namesake Fusion Platform, which is cloud-native and facilitates enterprises with unprecedented visibility and control over their security resources. Alongside, the security operations centre of the company is distributed worldwide to defend the customers from the latest threats. It is also worth mentioning that businesses worldwide trust the global SpiderLabs team at Trustwave to keep them protected from the latest security threats. The elite security team has more than 250 researchers, ethical hackers, and incident responders. Similarly, as threats are advancing aggressively, the number of endpoints needing to be controlled is growing, budgets are limited and in-house resources devoted to security are at a premium.
Trustwave SpiderLabs team offers a comprehensive catalogue of flexible managed security services to help business, and government customers protect against advanced threats, diminish attack surfaces, identify new risks, and respond to and recover from incidents.

Further, Trustwave offers a wide array of managed security services, which includes managed threat detection and response, security technology management, proactive threat hunting, managed web application firewall, security and compliance bundles, managed application control, and telco security. In terms of managed threat detection and response, the team of experts working for Trustwave stops threats to ensure that business can keep moving. The company also integrates the elite expertise and proven threat lifecycle capabilities into customer’s security programs and environment to help identify threats and investigate those threats’ depth and scope. This also helps the customers to respond by taking containment actions. In parallel, Trustwave also assists the customers on the subject of security technology management as the team of experts again takes on this burden for the customers by continuously monitoring, tuning, and updating the security technologies. The experts can also support both Trustwave and leading third-party products in existing environments and new deployments. At the same time, the company also renders proactive threat hunting services by identifying and eliminating active threats while providing visibility into previously unknown weaknesses in the customer’s organization environment.

Whether an organization is disputed with overcoming skills shortages, combating new threat adversaries, or seeking for more efficiency around IT initiatives, we understand that all businesses are different, and that’s why our managed security services are configured for flexibility

In addition to that, Trustwave’s managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) service expands the customer’s team through the help of expertly-trained security specialists in their worldwide Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that provide local coverage across various security disciplines. As the attack surfaces are widening, needs are becoming more intricate, and the talent pool is shrinking, making cybersecurity and compliance tough for organizations. Addressing this issue, Trustwave security and compliance bundles neatly package all the necessary tools and technologies an organization requires to prosper without thinking much about these issues. Similarly, establishing and maintaining visibility into software running on an organization’s endpoints is a challenge. An effective way to regain control is to list the applications that are authorised to run on systems and refuse access to others, which is made possible by Trustwave Application Control. In tandem, to competently fight back against sophisticated threats, organizations must find a way to manage across multiple remote sites. Trustwave Telco Security Services, provided by Singtel, solves this disjointed security issue by delivering holistic network perimeter threat management via a single, scalable solution.

For the future, the company is planning to expand its range of services and also looking forward to bringing in technology advancements in the managed security service industry.