Oscar Diaz, CEO, Tecbound TechnologyOscar Diaz, CEO
IT is ever more present today, with the recent pandemic further augmenting its importance. Companies that were ill prepared for the IT takeover learned the consequences the hard way as the remote work model caused various technology and cybersecurity concerns. Organizations that were technologically well-equipped found it easier to move their IT systems to the cloud. However, a lot of these companies continue to lack the technological expertise or the time to incorporate cybersecurity into their IT strategies.

Empowering companies proactively throughout this major IT upheaval is Tecbound Technology, offering complete and tailored IT solutions effectively secured for the cloud environment.

Tecbound Technology has been facilitating cloud technology for its customers since 2011, when the cloud was in its infancy. As a result, customers could easily transition to remote work during the pandemic. As to security concerns stemming from the remote work models, Tecbound Technology’s incorporation of cybersecurity in its regular service offering enabled its customers to protect their IT systems.

“At every step of our IT service delivery, we take into account how it impacts our customers’ cybersecurity,” says Oscar Diaz, CEO of Tecbound Technology.

Tecbound Technology has cybersecurity built into its IT offerings in a way that ensures complete transparency for its customers. Customers unfamiliar with cybersecurity can wholly rely on Tecbound for their IT requirements, with a complete security stack behind the scenes to protect the network and its users.

In addition to secure cloud computing solutions, Tecbound offers end-to-end solutions, from regular help desk support to IT strategy and everything in between, including procurement, IT management, and back up and disaster recovery.

With every new customer, Tecbound makes an effort to understand their business case, requirements, and current, as well as future objectives. Based on the accumulated knowledge, the company formulates an IT strategy that supports the customer’s needs while taking cybersecurity into account. For instance, if the customer’s requirement is to be able to work remotely, Tecbound Technology builds an IT strategy with a security approach to protect those workers’ network security.

For existing customers, Tecbound Technology schedules ‘IT check points’ that happen either once a month, every two months, or quarterly, keeping the customer informed of their IT status. The company takes this opportunity to ascertain if there is a new need and whether it is in synchronization with the customer, and if the secure stack that it first defined continues to align with the way the pieces operate.
  • At every step of our IT service delivery, we take into account how it impacts our customers’ cybersecurity

Always watchful, the Tecbound Technology team stays in touch with its security partners to understand the cybersecurity landscape, including any new threats, technologies, and approaches to improve the security of its customer network in this rapidly evolving space.

The immense value of Tecbound’s services was proven when the company worked in collaboration with police agencies in Canada to help them stay in compliance with the framework of regulations required for them to operate. Riddled with antiquated IT practices and an outdated approach to cybersecurity, the agencies sought Tecbound’s assistance. After running an assessment of the police agencies’ plans and requirements, the company prepared a strategy to help them reach their future goals while enabling them to acquire the certificate of compliance.

Providing a personal touch in its services, Tecbound Technology works as a part of the customer’s team, assigning a technician to them to understand how they operate. After being embedded into the customer’s operation, the company determines what is important to their business, to easily discern their specific issues.

With Tecbound Technology’s extensive expertise, clients can rest assured that all their IT needs, including their utmost cybersecurity concerns, are addressed.