Kris Hagerman, CEO, SophosKris Hagerman, CEO
Since the first PC virus attack back in 1986, cyberattacks have grown steadily in size and sophistication than ever before! In fact, the number of threats continues to increase exponentially; malware infections have ballooned from less than a quarter-million per month—a little more than two years ago—to nearly a half-million today. Hacktivism, social and government disruption, data theft, and corporate espionage rank at the top of the list of cybercrimes that continue to place immense pressure on enterprises to adopt effective means to defend their networks and systems.

Behind the scenes, several software companies have been pushing the bounds of their available expertise and technology to develop innovative cybersecurity solutions that take a proactive approach to enhance the overall cybersecurity posture of a business. And in that regard, a company that often stands out of the crowd is Sophos. Headquartered in Oxfordshire, England, Sophos protects nearly 400,000 organizations in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyberthreats.

The firm was initially founded in 1985 by Oxford graduates Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer as a hardware computer company. However, the duo soon realized there were bigger opportunities for a business that could protect computer systems from the growing threat of Internet viruses. This led them to concentrate their efforts on the development and sale of antivirus technology and embark on a program of international expansion.

Today, Sophos has grown into a 300 million Euros business that is recognized worldwide as a leader in next-generation cybersecurity.

Next-Gen Cybersecurity Solutions

Sophos offers an extensive range of products that include XG Firewall, Secure Email Gateway, Intercept X Gateway, and Phish Threat, to name a few. These cloud-native and AI-enhanced solutions enable businesses to secure every endpoint of their network—from laptops to virtual desktops and servers to web and email traffic and mobile—against evolving cybercriminal tactics and techniques, including automated and active-adversary breaches, ransomware, data exfiltration, phishing, malware, exploits, and more. Sophos’ award-winning cloud-based platform, Sophos Central, integrates the entire portfolio of best-of-breed products into a single system called Synchronized Security. Sophos’ products work together on this, actively sharing information in real-time and responding automatically to incidents. This not only elevates protection, simplifies management but also enables companies to scale their security without scaling resources. Organizations can manage their endpoint, mobile, encryption, web, email, server, and wireless security using the synchronized network security platform and benefit from security intelligence sharing, policies that follow users, easy configuration, detailed and summary reporting, and automatically prioritized alerts.

What’s more? Sophos Central serves as a unified console for managing all of Sophos products; the platform can be accessed either via a web browser from the desktop or mobile.

We want to become a billion dollar company over the next five years by being the best in the world at delivering complete IT security to small and medium-sized companies

Sophos Central also lets partners manage multiple customer installations from a single, intuitive interface. This makes it easier to respond to alerts, manage licenses, and track upcoming renewal dates. “We ensure a network’s security by providing the one thing no one else can: simplicity. We offer a single pane-of-glass for managing all your security needs,” says Kris Hagerman, CEO, Sophos.

In contrast to the traditional security solutions, which can’t keep up with the constantly changing threat landscape, Sophos’ solutions deliver the world’s best protection by combining the most powerful AI engine with unmatched exploit and ransomware protection to continuously improve security and minimize false positives and automating incident response with security products that work as a system.

Another notable aspect of Sophos is that all of its solutions are powered by SophosLabs—a global threat intelligence and data science team, which uses the most advanced technologies and machine learning-based analytics to process millions of suspicious emails, URLs, files, and other data points at light speed to deliver comprehensive threat and malware analysis.

Meeting the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Within the cybersecurity landscape, phishing is big business. Phising attacks have shown record growth in recent years, and a solid security awareness program is an integral part of any defense-in-depth strategy. Sophos offers what is known as Sophos Phish Threat, which educates and tests end users through automated attack simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics. The Sophos Phish Threat provides the flexibility and customization that an organization needs to facilitate a positive security awareness culture; it integrates testing and training into simple, easy-to-use campaigns that provide automated on-the-spot training to employees as necessary. With enhanced dashboards and analytics to track organizational risk and employee performance, Phish Threat simplifies a key part of an organizations security strategy— employee awareness and training.
  • We ensure a network’s security by providing the one thing no one else can: simplicity

Businesses can take advantage of Sophos’ collection of more than 30 security awareness training modules, covering both security and compliance topics. Furthermore, the training modules are available in a choice of nine languages; organizations worldwide can access the interactive security training from within the Sophos Central platform. The Phish Threat dashboard provides businesses with insight into individual performance and company-wide security posture alike. In short, Sophos Phish Threat automates the entire training process and provides visual analytics to identify vulnerable employees.

Organizations can access all of Sophos products through a global channel of more than 47,000 partners and managed service providers (MSPs). Besides, Sophos also makes its innovative commercial technologies available to consumers Sophos Home. The solution offers anyone commercial-grade protection, including prevention against phishing websites, remote management to help family or friends, remote alerts and scans, webcam and mic protection, and much more. It utilizes the universally acclaimed and accepted technology deployed by security professionals in protecting information systems of various organizations. The icing on the cake, however, with Sophos Home is that users can customize their security settings for each computer from any of the commonly used browsers, like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari; the solution protects multiple devices including, Macs, iPhones, iPads, PCs, and Android devices. “The multitude and diversity of threats are extraordinary,” explains Hagerman. “Every day our teams across the world are dealing with up to five hundred thousand unique threats rolling through computer systems globally.”

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

Sophos’ slogan “Security Made Simple for Business” best describes the expertise and effectiveness of the services the firm provides. With facilities on three continents, the Sophos team works around the clock to discover and prevent unknown threats, investigate edge cases, examine trends, and fine-tune Sophos products for maximum defense. The firm protects over 100 million business systems worldwide. Six times a day—every day—Sophos sends out live updates online to those it protects. The organization’s prominent clientele include Pixar, Xerox, Ford, and Avis, among several others.

Today’s organizations don’t want to hire an army of people to protect their systems; they want someone who can do it for them, with products that are efficient, easy to use, manage and maintain. This is precisely what Sophos does. “We want to become a billion dollar company over the next five years by being the best in the world at delivering complete IT security to small and medium-sized companies,” avers Hagerman. “Sophos’s challenge is to remain nimble and quick as it grows, and what’s really important is that we deliver solutions that others are not solving well.”