Marcus Scharra, CEO, SenhaseguraMarcus Scharra, CEO
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity is not a project anymore. In the wake of the changing digital trends and technological advancements, it is a need of survival for any company. The increasing cyber threats and other illicit activities make identity and access management, especially privilege access management (PAM), a crucial part of any business. The recent shift to remote work culture and increasing dependence on digital files has made privilege access management a focal point of every organization’s security model.

Ineffective management of privilege access allows malicious agents to access a company’s critical information and exploit the same, threatening data privacy and aggravating security concerns. Traditional preventative cybersecurity approaches are no longer enough to withstand the rising tide of the cyber threat landscape. To deal with the current and emerging cyber threats, companies require next-generation solutions and defense capabilities, and São Paulo-based senhasegura is the one company excelling in addressing modern-day security challenges of organizations.

While senhasegura’s dawn dates back to 2001 as a technology development company, the firm cemented its position in the industry with its highly secure privilege access management solution named senhasegura, enabling organizations to secure every credential they use inside the company to prevent data theft. “With senhasegura, companies can store, manage, and monitor all the credentials in a secured digital vault with access to the sensitive information only viable through the solution,” avers Marcus Scharra, CEO of senhasegura. Keeping the volatility of today’s business landscape in mind, two options are provided to access the credentials hived away from external threats. First, a specific password is delivered to any user in the company for accessing in a safe and controlled manner, and once the solution is delivered, senhasegura automates password change to forbid unwanted entries and interventions. It is also possible to access any device or service via the solution even without a password by an open section where the power to access is given to a responsible person in the company. However, the solution records and analyzes the behavior of that particular user and generates alerts if any suspicious activities are found, and terminates access automatically.
Senhasegura’s solution is developed without any external technology or acquisition and the best user-friendly architecture offering a seamless experience to the users along with premium quality and ease of use. To top it off, the company has been recognized by Gartner Peer Insights for the usability and quality of the software, establishing its competitive advantage. The differentiator for senhasegura is that, unlike other huge and complex PAM solutions that may take days or weeks to deploy, senhasegura takes complexity away from the customers and can be implemented in a day. The company also offers full-stack ready-to-go solutions without any extra pay or fee.

With senhasegura, companies can store, manage, and monitor all the credentials in a digital vault with access to the sensitive information only viable through the solution

One of the successful projects which senhasegura undertook was for one of Latin America’s biggest e-commerce companies. While the DevOps teams of the client made their work smarter and easier, a good deal of passwords or keys used throughout the development process had exposed them to huge chances of cyberattacks. senhasegura implemented a security layer to the DevOps operation, a specific module called DevOps Secrets Management (DSM) that has provided the client a better understanding of the number of users created for the development process, where are the secrets and keys, and how can they safeguard it. With the help of senhasegura’s solution, the client could identify and delete about 60 percent of unused accounts and users created for the development process that no longer had any purpose. To add to this, within 15 days, senhasegura gathered all the accounts, secrets, keys, and passwords in the DSM module, thereby shutting all the chances for a cyber threat.

With a strong presence in more than 55 countries, senhasegura is continuing to grow rapidly. The company is investing in their solutions as well as in AI and machine learning in order to provide better behavioral knowledge of the users for their clients. The behavioral analysis of senhasegura, which leverages AI and machine learning, thoroughly studies the human as well as the machine users. senhasegura has deployed a new technological solution that can identify the user by the typing pattern to render an extra layer of protection to organizations in privilege access. “We are striving to introduce technological solutions with best architecture that add enhanced security to organizations and promote a safe data protected environment,” concludes Scharra.