Back in the day, when Fiat Chrysler automotive recalled around 1.4 million vehicles to mitigate vulnerabilities in its built-in software, it marked a significant moment in the realm of automotive cybersecurity. As the age of hackable automobiles dawned upon the car manufacturers, automotive cybersecurity has become more important than ever. While the automotive cybersecurity market is still in its infancy, SecureThings is ahead of its times, taking the connected and autonomous vehicle revolution to the next level by assuring end-to-end security and safety of the user while they stay connected. The company continuously innovates and provides cutting-edge, disruptive technologies in an ambitious bid to become a global leader of automotive cybersecurity.

On a mission to safeguard the automotive vehicles from malicious attacks, SecureThings provides comprehensive automotive cybersecurity solutions to help OEMs protect automobiles from both inbound and outbound threats. SecureThings’ innovative platform utilizes data analytics and machine learning algorithms to secure various attacks from Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, or Cellular network, and counter each cyberattack.

“We offer multi-layer cybersecurity solutions by monitoring the data coming in/going out and transmitted within the vehicle network for any anomalies, and ensure real-time protection to the vehicle,” states Vishal Bajpai, co-founder and CEO of SecureThings. The first layer of protection is deployed in the external interfaces—both physical and remote—and prevents any malicious code from entering the vehicle. The next security layer rests on the devices, where the intelligent checks block any malware from corrupting the telematics, infotainment and other units, thereby maintaining the integrity of the firmware. The third layer of defense protects the entire in-vehicle network by understanding the network behavior through machine learning and provides real-time intelligence for identifying any threats in the network.

When collaborating with a customer, SecureThings learns the customer specific system, the vehicle behavior, and the type of communication to build the patterns and tools according to the particular needs.
The company’s cloud-based analytics platform continuously monitors the system for anomalous behaviors or threats, analyzes the attack trends, and provides proactive recommendations to enable detection and immunization of the fleet. Moreover, SecureThings features a top-notch intelligent analytics dashboard to identify a hacker’s behavior and provide awareness and insights to the OEMs and suppliers to make well-informed business decisions and avoid costly vehicle recalls.

We offer multi-layer CyberSecurity solutions by monitoring the vehicle network traffic, detect anomalies, and ensure real-time protection within the vehicle

“What makes SecureThings stand apart in the crowd is our dynamic multi-layer security framework that not only protects the device and the internal network but also ensures protection right from the most basic levels,” explains Bajpai. The company’s controller area network (CAN) protocol solutions, like dynamic traffic zoning, are unmatched in the market. SecureThings’ uniqueness also stems from its discovery capability that helps clients to discover oddity from traffic and behavioral patterns, thereby preventing malicious codes from even entering the automotive system.

Although a young start-up established in early 2018, SecureThings is already making plenty of waves in the automotive cyber security market. One of its clients approached the company for safeguarding its embedded device and ensuring safety from network attacks as well as CAN network security. The high-security solution from SecureThings can enable the client to harness secured communication and all-around security from malicious attacks.

With offices in India and the US, SecureThings aims to expand its team in the second half of 2019. The company is currently developing a smart mobility feature into its analytics engine to generate more intelligent insights as well as deploying unique, secure over-the-air (OTA) updates of the automotive software. SecureThings plans to consolidate and strengthen the automotive cybersecurity and expand its solutions to related verticals in the future.