Ensuring the safety of cherished employees, valuable assets, and multi-billion dollar facilities has always been on top priority for enterprises. As such, drones are increasingly being used to combat the potential risk of attacks or accidents and to increase the efficacy of security systems at workplaces or events. To this end, Pennsylvania-based RiP USA Inc. is a trusted name in the security assurance and training space. The company, with its cutting edge human-operated drones and fully autonomous drone systems along with its unit of highly trained personnel, help organizations to gain security assurance in a dynamic and at times volatile risk environment.

“RiP USA stands for Remembrance, Innovation and Progression is a living memorial of all the soldiers, innovators, first responders, and warm hearts who have sacrificed their lives or influenced our ability to live well upon the foundation they built for us,” says Duztin J. Watson, President of the company. They cater to clients in industrial, energy, banking, healthcare, government verticals, and the team does a great job of managing and monitoring personnel and public safety accountability and are prepared to face high risk and high threat operational environments. The company acts as an immediate responder to, security breaches, natural hazards, and manmade accidents, to name a few.

RiP USA leverages remote and mobile security surveillance systems, multiple formats of UAV, and other typical drone systems that one sees daily in the professional market. These multiple pieces of unmanned technologies, when combined with the well-trained forces of the company, result in a high value – high return comprehensive security package. As a company, RiP USA uses technology to force multiply allowing them the ability to cover maximum ground area in the most efficient way possible. Their UAV-based security services can be used for multiple purposes ranging from event monitoring, traffic management, aerial risk profiling, land mapping, spill assessment and response planning, project planning, investor awareness, hazardous gas monitoring, natural disaster damage assessment, and search and rescue operations to name a few. to simpler tasks like aerial photography for situational awareness assistance. The UAVs can also be used in potentially hazardous areas for detecting the leakage of any greenhouse gases, hazardous fluid leakage, fire, biological and environmental concerns, and even hostile or unwanted drone detection as well. RiP USA has been integral in many geographical locations for the detection of landslides, land mapping, and any potential shift in a given geographic area, which may pose risks for human life or seriously disrupt project timelines.

Being a national level company, RiP USA has a vast clientele. The company usually works with its inhouse team and professional business partners to develop a strategy in consideration of its clients’ specific requirements.

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They understand that not all clients are the same and provide personalized manned and unmanned solutions to each as per the need and desire of the situations. Recalling a client’s success story, Watson mentions, “We were able to significantly reduce the number of industrial vehicle rollovers in a tight and geographically dangerous area during inclement winter weather for heavy truck traffic. All this was possible because of proper monitoring and controlling of traffic in that high risk zone through its remote and mobile security surveillance system and highly dedicated workforce.”

RiP USA believes that innovation is not about new gadgets or technology implementations alone. Instead, it is about being a better version of oneself every single day. The company embraces a work culture that encourages its team to live well, work well and devote their life to the service of others and in remembrance of those who sacrificed and didn’t get a chance to live theirs.

The company has its footprint throughout the NE U.S.A., is capable of operating from New York toLos Angles, and is all set to be an international federally compliant agency in the next 12 months. RiP USA is looking for like-minded organizations who are also looking towards accomplishing common goals without compromising on quality security, accountability, and leadership. The company believes in revaluating, reimplementing, and reassessing its processes and procedures to keep itself at the forefront of professionalism and responsibility in the workplace.