Betsy Freeman, CEO and Founder, RadiusAGBetsy Freeman, CEO and Founder
Today’s dynamic business environment demands organizations move beyond traditional risk management and regulatory compliance toward organizational resilience. Achieving a secure, resilient business, operational and technology posture, begins with effectively securing and managing the lifeblood of every business – its data.

Radius Advisory Group (RadiusAG), a management and security consultancy, enables clients to better understand, manage, and secure their data so it can be leveraged to build business and operational resilience.

Securing critical data begins with effective data governance, coupled with a practical approach to managing rapid access to data where and when the workforce, leaders, and customers need it.

Betsy Freeman, CEO and founder of RadiusAG says, “Market volatility and uncertainty are the hallmarks of a post-pandemic world. Achieving business and operational resilience is an ongoing journey, not a destination. While organizations often get caught up in the latest technology, albeit an essential enabler of the flow of information across complex organizations, it is actually a strong security culture and effective data management practices that are foundational to building a resilient organization for the long run.”

Resilience enables organizations to quickly identify and take advantage of competitive advantages in the marketplace. For this reason, RadiusAG knows that leaders have a crucial role to play in creating the security conscious culture essential to a vigilant, highly adaptable state of business and operations. The company, to this end, provides clients with practical and actionable security and data management strategies, supported by high-quality data and modern decision-support analytics, to stay ahead of the evolving data security threat.

“As hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, ‘A good hockey player plays where the puck is; but a great player plays where the puck is going to be,’” says Freeman. “We work closely with clients to determine how to reduce the risk posed by current threats with an eye on solutions that will carry them into the future.”

Organizations draw upon RadiusAG’s management expertise, independent analysis and our sprint approach to work to gain external, objective advice and access to consultants with deep, specialized expertise in national defense, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy and more.
  • Our focus is on building and sustaining resilience, leveraging secure, accessible data for large and small organizations

Unlike most management consultancies, RadiusAG is not limited by a prescribed set of methodologies into which the client’s problem must fit. The company collaborates closely with the client’s business, operational, security and technology leaders to formulate potential courses of action that are uniquely honed to the organization, culture and circumstances.

“Our approach is independent and based on modern analysis of facts and evidence. This enables us to help our clients to securely identify and adapt quickly to the dynamic business environment, build resilient organizations, and strengthen long-term performance,” says Freeman.

RadiusAG’s comprehensive approach has enabled it to serve numerous organizations across the manufacturing, healthcare, defense, law enforcement and energy sectors. For example, one of its clients was facing an age-old data protection and chain of custody cybersecurity challenge. Despite implementing cutting-edge tools and practices the client could not resolve critical gaps and vulnerabilities to secure highly-sensitive data. Working closely with the client, RadiusAG reviewed the effectiveness of existing solutions and identified gaps in workflow, security solutions, and operational vulnerabilities. We developed a potential course of action with multiple variables, allowing the client to resolve data security challenges over time and within budget constraints.