Identity and access management (IAM), in summary, translates to the authorizations provided to users within an enterprise setting. When faced with a change within the business infrastructure, some of these critical authorizations remain assigned to employees that have transitioned into different roles, causing discrepancies within the workflow. This problem gets magnified when authorizations are assigned in multiple combinations, shedding light on the importance of efficient IAM solutions in the enterprise landscape.

“Technology continues to grow with time, and if a company does not have the right tools to oversee authorizations, they will inevitably come to a standstill in terms of growth,” says Bernd Knobel, Managing Director of QUANTO Solutions. To keep firms up-to-date on the best data protection strategies, QUANTO Solutions—a cybersecurity and authorizations technology specialist—offers clients exclusive advisory services as well as best-in-class IAM solutions to shield their most delicate information from falling into the wrong hands. QUANTO Solutions’ IAM offerings include QUANTO-SEC, QUANTO-GO, and QUANTO-Connect, all of which stand tall as a collective force to reckon with against cyber-fraudsters trying to find vulnerabilities and gain access into an enterprise system infrastructure. “It is vital to reduce the existing critical combination of authorizations, and we have some great tools to analyze user-credentials to determine whether they require particular permission or not before reorganizing their data access approval,” explains Bernd Knobel, Managing Director at QUANTO Solutions.

QUANTO-SEC, the company’s flagship product in the IAM space, is an SAP security application that features tools such as QUANTO-SEC/SoD, TGL (Trusted Go Live), and CleanUP. The complete software program allows clients to perform a risk analysis to identify and reduce critical authorizations that can be harmful to an enterprise.

Upon engaging with a client, a segregation of duty (SoD) analysis is performed on their operational systems architecture to initiate a screen-test for user authorization issues.

We have some great tools to analyze user-credentials to determine whether they require particular permission or not before reorganizing their data access approval

Once the nature of the problems is gauged, QUANTO uses the Trusted Go Live (TGL) function to reduce the test effort on a customer side during the authorization reassessment and reallocation process. The tool can analyze all of the required user authorizations, and then define a new protection strategy for clients without affecting a project stakeholder’s everyday workflow. In the off-chance that a user is facing a problem with new access credentials, they can revert to an image of their old user data until all known hindrances are addressed adequately. Once all the aforementioned procedures are complete, QUANTO Solutions, utilizing its CleanUP tool, removes any unwarranted authorizations that are assigned to a role within an SAP system, enabling the users which are no longer needed to avoid future system access mishaps.

Besides, the deployment of QUANTO-Connect allows clients to gain a full overview of their IT infrastructure and create data lakes. This can help to check employee authorizations with complete adherence to GDPR but also all other kind of data which are today an important good. This adherent structure is achieved owing to the addition of the data protection compliance regulatory guidelines followed within the QUANTO-GO program algorithm. Finally, the QUANTO-Go tool can categorize data by predefined statistics, delete unwarranted files, and store only essential information while allowing customers to uphold the regional and international regulatory laws. QUANTO-GO is the solution for data migration.

With the release of QUANTO-GO/DS, QUANTO Solutions now allows the intelligent integration of SAP systems within data lakes. The company has also upgraded the program to provide S/4HANA compatibility, and in turn, further enhancing its IAM range of services and solutions.