Clinton Bell, CEO, QuadriviumClinton Bell, CEO
The threat landscape is increasingly becoming dynamic and complex. On the one hand, cyberattacks are getting smarter by the day, and on the other, the traditional perimeter-based cybersecurity approaches are becoming more and more obscure in the light of booming digitalization. While a solid, passive cyber-security defense strategy that focuses on the core best practices of patch management, log monitoring, SIEM, SOC, and so on might have been the best bet even a few years back, such approaches of threat monitoring are no longer ‘good enough’ to protect an organization against modern multi-vector attacks. What the IT landscape needs is a more proactive, AI-backed stance to cybersecurity that focuses on the “how” aspect of preventing an attack from the very start. With an intuitive cybersecurity nimbleness, not only can an organization do more than monitoring and respond to threats in real time, but they can do so at a far lesser cost than an elaborate attack remediation effort—thereby greatly improving an organization’s bottom line.

Enter Quadrivium.

A preferred managed security services provider for the last 20 years, Quadrivium believes in the prowess of a proactive cybersecurity defense strategy to minimize the impact of any attack on an organization. Today, the company has become one of the trailblazers in the realm of managed cybersecurity and data continuity services for clients of any size, in any industry.

The Quadrivium Advantage

Quadrivium believes that the only other thing as important as uptime in IT and data continuity is the response time. So, the company’s unparalleled data center hosting services are bundled with IT services to ensure that its clients always receive a more proactive security service with almost instantaneous response time. Moreover, Quadrivium’s data center is powered and protected by state-of-the-art technology, with fully redundant power supplies, security systems, and monitoring software, making it any cybersecurity professional’s dream facility.

At the forefront of this power hosting service is Quadrivium’s managed cybersecurity services (MCSS). The managed service ensures that a business is protected from cybersecurity threats through a perfect blend of firewall, Wi-Fi, physical server, VMware, switches/routers, and network monitoring and protection services. More importantly, Quadrivium’s dedicated NOC/SOC team utilizes AI, automation, and advanced threat intelligence platforms to constantly address and understand the tremendous amounts of events per second. “Our aim is to really bring in the sense of comfort for our clients so that they can do what they do best, and leave their cybersecurity woes to us,” says Clinton Bell, CEO of Quadrivium.

Keeping Cyber Breaches at Bay

In the banking and financial services sector, tightened security is of utmost importance. And more often than not, even the most secured infrastructures sometimes crumble when a new threat emerges. Thus, financial companies always have to be prepared for ever-evolving threats, like the recent ‘SolarWinds hack.’ Equally challenging is to keep up with the frequently changing security regulatory guidelines.

With the help of Quadrivium, financial companies can seamlessly overcome these setbacks with ease. In fact, Quadrivium has been addressing such needs of the financial sector for the last two decades. The company implements and manages technology to aid them in audits, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and daily operations. Moreover, its always-on offsite data center has leading-edge technologies to make it virtually impenetrable and very reliable. “We also offer consulting services that help the banking clients make future-ready infrastructure and technology choices that is good for them and us. If we have a better understanding of their overall technology stack, we can stabilize and secure it for them even more precisely,” mentions Bell.

A similar cybersecurity proficiency is displayed by Quadrivium for its healthcare clients as well. For hospitals and care providers, uninterrupted infrastructure with zero downtime is very crucial. “So, we always conduct predictive risk management for them, segment off any high priority machine that doesn’t need to be connected to the internet, and above all, we are always ready to eliminate a risk even before it starts impacting the system,” explains Bell.
  • Quadrivium’s dedicated NOC/SOC team utilizes AI, automation, and advanced threat intelligence platforms to constantly address and understand the tremendous amounts of events per second.

Such robustness of Quadrivium’s managed security services is especially becoming handy today amid a pandemic-stricken world. Where the businesses and healthcare companies are always on a battle-footing to keep their operations running, Quadrivium is offering its clients the much-needed cybersecurity support remotely. In one scenario, Quadrivium had onboarded a bank as its client even without physically meeting them once. “The bank contacted us through another client’s recommendation, and we set up a meeting on Zoom. It was our client-centric and collaborative partnership spirit that led the client to choose us over other contenders. And, today, even though we still haven’t been able to shake hands with the client in person, we are rolling out our entire cybersecurity suite for the client,” says Bell. Right now, Quadrivium has moved all of the client’s servers onto its data centers, where all the data is being processed in a secured manner. Moreover, Quadrivium has also solved a longstanding concern for the bank in terms of their disaster recovery planning. Since they have moved to Quadrivium’s data center, they now have complete failover of hardware redundancies as well as a secondary data center site that can do failover and connectivity for them and their clients. “I can tell for certain that their management team is now stress-free,” quips Bell.

This is but one of the many success stories for Quadrivium. Moving ahead, Quadrivium wants to become the springboard of success for many more organizations. In that quest, one of the newer additions for Quadrivium would be to connect its robust cybersecurity offerings with the facet of seamless project management to make the cybersecurity workflow more standardized. “We intend to start an offering on ‘project managers as a service.’ Since our project managers are well-trained to get giant tasks accomplished effortlessly, this service would definitely impact the overall output of our client’s cybersecurity or remediation projects,” explains Bell. Through this integrated approach, Quadrivium proves yet again that they are not there to nickel and dime their clients but to leave behind robust aftermaths that create value, even after the engagement is complete.