Operational Technology (OT) lies at the heart of OEMs, device manufacturers, and large enterprises. A major problem, one identified by high-profile cybersecurity providers, is the number of vulnerable devices within the OT infrastructures that surpasses IT components by huge margins. An estimated 35-40 billion devices exist on OT environments globally, and this opens a new avenue of attack points for hackers. The security of the OT infrastructure is a significant concern to CIOs, which in today’s rapidly digitizing world, has become imperative to address. While most companies have taken the first steps towards safer and secure network systems; they are mostly aligned along their IT ecosystems. Onclave, a cybersecurity solutions provider that specializes in protecting intellectual property for the intelligence community and government agencies is set to release an offering for private enterprises and manufacturers to secure their OT infrastructure. “We are going to introduce a platform that is designed from the ground up to protect OT, and any IT that shares the wires. Our solution will offer isolation, containment, and continuous monitoring,” says Glen Gulyas, CEO, Onclave.

Onclave’s solution will be able to create private secure networks for OT processes. It can then take all the devices that run inside these grids and enable them with built-in monitoring for anomalous behavior detection. A primary feature of the platform is to make the OT attack system completely invisible from the outside. Enterprise CIOs and OEMs ought to treat OT with the same importance as their IT implementations.

Unlike most IT devices that are either new or upgraded continuously, equipment on the OT sphere can be more than 15-20 years old with little to non-existent identifiers—IP addresses, MAC addresses—making them very hard to map on networks. An algorithm to create secure IDs for such components is part of the schema at Onclave. The company’s platform is built to support the legacy operating systems upon which the OT devices run. The implementation of blockchain technology in the program structure will also enable for better trust while fostering asset management with minimized risk.

We are building a product that is going to disrupt the way everyone else views the problem, and this disruption needs to occur, or we are never going to solve it

At Onclave, the decades of experience dealing with government agencies, and the intelligence community has proven to be an inspiration for them to create an advanced and purpose-built platform. Gulyas, along with board members of the company are acclaimed experts in multiple IT service areas, and their foresight of the impending dangers on the OT front has seen them go on to create a solution that will change the very view of security in the OT spectrum. “We are building a product that is going to disrupt the way everyone else views the problem, and this disruption needs to occur, or we are never going to solve it,” says Gulyas. The solutions that Onclave’s platform will enable significant cost savings, lower management responsibilities, and increase security visibility in OT environments.

Onclave plans to release the platform in Q3 of 2019, additionally their developers are working with several OEMs to conduct trial-runs at their facilities. The offering will be available to OEMs as a subscription service through a connected Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), and for large enterprises as an on-premise or cloud solution. “The goal for our security platform is to make OT attack-surfaces invisible and inaccessible to outsiders and unauthorized insiders by providing technologies that are trustworthy, highly scalable, and affordable” concludes Gulyas.