Todd McKinnon, CEO & Co-Founder, OktaTodd McKinnon, CEO & Co-Founder
A single security breach is a disaster for any organization. With businesses proliferating worldwide, their software solutions and products are reaching out to more end-users today. This widely increases the access to the software by multiple parties each minute. But greater the access, the greater are the chances of illegal users trying to pry and mishandle the software, sensitive data, and other organizational assets. Such events can bring in catastrophic security risks, worth billions, hinder the efficient utilization of the technologies and even compromise the market value and reputation of the most prominent organizations as well. And today, with the upsurging cyber threats, such risks are spiraling immensely. Hence, every executive is striving for robust solutions to safeguard their organization, its systems software, data and

people from the plethora of potential security issues. This makes space for identity and access management solutions to take over, helping organizations optimally leverage their set of technologies while avoiding undesirable exposure of confidential and sensitive information. These solutions are the perfect match for the organizations and businesses to create an environment that allows the right individuals to access the right resources while deterring unwanted users from stepping in and therefore offer enhanced security.

A game-changing suite of IAM solutions

This is where Okta, a San Fransisco-based identity and access management company, comes into the picture, meeting every other organizational need of managing and securing user authentication for applications and help developers build identity controls into applications, devices and web services. Founded in 2009, the company offers a holistic suite of products and services to provide simple and secure access to people and organizations across the world with 7000 plus pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers. The extensive security that the users can garner helps them leverage any technology optimally, avoiding the risks of security breaches and data losses.

Okta brings to the fore an extensive catalog of products surrounding every identity and access management needs that organizations can have. The Company’s Single Sign-On is a commendable product helping simplify access management for employees. Okta provides the SSO with an extensive network of pre-built integrations that enable customers to securely adopt and deploy SSO to the cloud applications in a matter of few weeks and not months, without the need to build or maintain the integrations themselves. It features one central control point for the IT to view, manage and secure every access made by the internal employees or external partners. Further, this solution can swiftly connect to and sync from several identity stores, including LDAP, AD, HR systems, and other third-party identity providers. Okta SSO can also enable the IT team to leverage adaptive and consistent security policies and built-in security tools like Okta Insights to automatically detect and block malicious login attempts across the network.

From the end-user’s perspective, Okta SSO offers incredible ease and user-friendliness where they can use one set of login credentials to get to an intuitive browser-based dashboard. This offers access to everything the users need for their productivity. The dashboard is customizable and accessible even from mobile devices that allow them to stay productive on the go. Besides, users can garner self-serve password resets options. Single Sign-On is approximately 50 percent faster for the users to adopt, login and use new applications with a large percentage of faster IT integration with acquired businesses. Further, it has reduced login-related help desk calls immensely.

These solutions are the perfect match for the organizations and businesses to create an environment that allows the right individuals to access the right resources while deterring

Adding more to Okta’s access management solutions’ catalog is their Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication product that assists significantly to secure accounts from credential theft and fraudulences with MFA. This strong multi-factor authentication solution, cloud-to-ground protection helps safeguard all the resources like customer-facing and enterprise apps, which store the most sensitive data. Besides, organizations get proactive security with Okta ThreatInsight that facilitates to blocks suspicious IP addresses that attempt identity attacks. What’s more? The customers can enjoy the perks of integrated security by merging external risk signals from across every security vendor and garner improved visibility into probable threats.

MFA offers a robust end-user access experience with balanced security and productivity. The adaptive and context-based access policies can help reduce friction for users. Further, with MFA, organizations can deploy a password-less authentication process for the workforce and customers, increasing their ease to use and satisfaction. Users can also avail self-service functionalities by enrolling or resetting MFA factors on their accounts themselves that saves both money and time. Okta’s MFA has shown an effective decline in risk of a security breach by 75 percent approximately. Besides, it has substantially improved user productivity by allowing easy but secure access from any device anywhere.

Okta’s copious offerings and their efficacy has built an extensive clientele. One of the prominent clients, Teach for America, gives a customer story where Okta helped them nurture community and collaboration through technology. They facilitated Teach for America to reduce their technical obstacles and easily verify people’s identity and enable them to work and access user tools as per requirement from anywhere. With Okta’s products like Single Sign-On, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication and many more, they could now use a single username and password that offered access to all workplace productivity apps that the staff used. Further, through the security features, they provided a Zero Trust environment. All in all, Teach for America achieved increased productivity levels with unified and streamlined user experience and reduced IT friction.

Building robust connections with customers

What differentiates Okta from its contemporaries are the values imbibed in their culture. They act with integrity and honesty with each other, their customers, partners and extended community that builds a strong team together. Moreover, the immense focus on customers’ priorities helps them successfully cater to their needs. Okta’s strive for innovation while devising solutions for their customer needs, in addition to the other differentiating factors, is an added shining aspect of the company culture, enhancing its impact in the industry.

Over the years, the incredible offerings of Okta in the identity and access management space have steered them to be a trusted partner for customers across the world, giving them complete confidence to reach their optimum potential. They have strengthened connections between people, technology and the community by helping users across the globe. Very precisely, Okta has been an efficient gatekeeper safeguarding organizations from security threats and allowing them to access every requirement safely.