Excellent security has never been more important. Because physical and virtual dangers are always changing, advanced technology, in-depth analytics, and tough security measures are required.

FREMONT, CA: Mechanical keys are the basic form of physical access control, and many small businesses still use them. However, mechanical keys have limitations, especially as a company grows. The following are the drawbacks of employing keys rather than an access control system.

It is possible to misplace keys. If an employee loses a key, you must change the lock to ensure that the lost key is not utilized by another person who should not be allowed to the restricted area. After that, anybody who requires access will need to be given new keys.

There are no audit trails. So, for example, you have no means of knowing who has used a key to enter an area or when they did so.

It isn't easy to handle. For example, if someone obtains access to various rooms and structures, they will require multiple keys, which might be trouble at times.


Many security threats can be efficiently mitigated using various characteristics of access control systems. The following are some easily addressed risks:


Something occurs when an authorized individual grants access to someone who isn't permitted. Employee training, as well as security cameras and multi-factor authentication, can help to limit this risk.

Ajar Door

A strong magnet can fool a system into thinking it is still secure. Unfortunately, they can also disable the system's power, causing the magnetic lock to malfunction and become vulnerable. One can reduce this risk by employing magnetic locks with battery backups.

Power Outages and Natural Disasters

One can avoid lock failure during a power outage by using electronic strike locks.

Failure of Computer Equipment or Cyber-attacks

One can offer secure access even if the system is compromised by keeping software up to date, regularly backing up files, and programming readers to work independently from the main controller.

Failures of Access Cards

Some systems can encrypt data sent between the reader and the access control panel. They can automatically update credential codes for lost cards and terminated personnel.

Authorization Codes are in Order

This is an easy fix: distribute codes in a random order so that no one can "count up" and obtain a new, valid access ticket.

Simple passwords and keys are no longer sufficient. The correct access control system can help you secure physical and informational assets, save money on personnel, and keep your employees and staff safe.