Fundamentally we live in a world that is far more technologically advanced than we were as recently as a decade ago when it was primarily something for only the techies to worry about.

Fremont, CA: In this ever-evolving security world, a lot more data needs to be secured with even fewer resources. The cybersecurity skills gap has increased, leaving 350,000 U.S. cybersecurity jobs unfilled yearly, it is essential to work together to protect the environments and educate others. Forming a customer community can fulfill that requirement. Having a digital space with the like-minded professionals that allow the customers to ask questions, work together, and engage with employees and peers both, paving the way for companies to achieve their goals faster. In an industry that is built on safeguarding the customers, one should aim to be involved with the customers as well.

Pros of a Community Space

On introducing an online community to the customers, they are able to utilize it similar to a social media tool. Users are unable to establish a connection with others via discussions, comments, liking posts, and sharing screenshots and practices. With the help of the opportunity to interact with by asking questions, they can learn which products can solve their problems or ask how to use the product efficiently. This enables the peers to offer solutions, which might be insightful to others.

As the employees comply with the company work hours, holidays, and vacations, there is a probability of a lapse in the response time. The users can access the online community anytime, anywhere within a customer community, and help in reducing the pressure on the support teams by answering to the other users’ questions.

Business Benefits of a Community Space

A digital space benefits the customers as well as has a direct impact on the business. With the increase of customer and employee engagement, brand loyalty and advocacy also increases. It is essential to understand that a business is only as powerful as the relationship with the customer base. Therefore prioritizing engagement and support for the customers will, in turn, formulate a long and trustworthy relationship.

When a customer asks questions in forums, one should have a team dedicated to help in responding should be ready. A way to promote internal employees to answer questions on time is via gamification.

With the digital area becoming way more challenging, to separate that from the physical one, creating places for connections and discussions ends up becoming essential, especially in the work ecosystem. Henceforth, Cybersecurity will always be on the beneficial side of technological advancements and new ideas.

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