The deployment of identity and access management technology assures the security of sensitive data and protects it from third parties who could potentially view, steal, or manipulate important business information.

Fremont, CA: Identity and access management (IAM) ensures that the appropriate individuals and job responsibilities in the business (identities) have access to the resources they need to perform their duties. Identity management and access systems enable a firm to manage employee apps without requiring administrators to log in to each app individually. IAM is the information security practice that grants authorized individuals access to pertinent technological resources. Identification, authentication, and authorization are its three primary concepts. Together, these three processes ensure that authorized people have access to the resources and data they need to perform their jobs while protecting sensitive data and resources from illegal access.

Here’s why it is so important for an organization to have identity and access management:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Among these are technologies such as Iris Scanning, Fingerprint Sensors, Face Recognition, and many others. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) requires the user to present at least two pieces of evidence to verify their identity. This decreases the likelihood of identity theft.

Improved security measures

With the use of IAM technology, enterprises may effectively identify and mitigate security-related threats. Those in control can immediately revoke access to these technologies' mission-critical systems.

Enhanced data security

Consolidating authentication and authorization capabilities on a single platform enables IT professionals, to manage user access uniformly. When a user departs an organization, IT administrators can confidently withdraw their access to the centralized IAM solution across all of the technological platforms that are integrated with the IAM platform.

All in one IAM platform for reduced costs

Using a unified IAM platform to handle all user access enables administrators to work more efficiently. A security team may have to perform additional work up front to integrate new systems into an IAM platform but can later save time and money by focusing on platform maintenance.