It is an excellent time for companies to inspect network security processes in the shadow of a challenging year and ensure that they implement these best security practices.


FREMONT, CA: There has been a significant spike in cyber-attacks and online breaches since the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the primary reasons is that many employees are now working remotely and not necessarily complying with cybersecurity best practices. The need for secure network infrastructure services has never been more urgent. Take a look at how businesses benefit from network infrastructure and security, particularly during the pandemic.

Employees to access the cloud

As employees work remotely, they may need to access critical programs or sensitive documents, which businesses may store via the cloud. While cloud storage is entirely secure, it’s still essential to ensure that employees access it properly and securely. Network security allows them to access the cloud without any risk of a cyber rift.

Prevention of employee data

Employees access data from different devices and locations. Cybercriminals or hackers try to steal a company’s valuable and confidential data. Automated network management makes it much easier for companies to secure network infrastructure. Securing network infrastructure helps prevent theft.

Keep employees safe from innocent mistakes

Bad actors take advantage of the new remote work culture by launching all kinds of phishing attacks, dangerous emails, and more. It’s all too easy for employees to click a bad link or open an unverified email accidentally. The suitable network infrastructure security can provide workers with the safeguards they need and protect them from accidental errors.

More proactive approach to cybercrime

New forms of cyber-attacks are being developed and launched all the time. Business owners must be ready to update their security programs, put further preventative steps into place, monitor for threats and eliminate them before they cause data breaches.

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