The staffing model problems are one of the reasons why the access management task list is never completed.

Fremont, CA: One of the biggest problems of access management productivity is because staff only takes care of these tasks when a problem crops up. Companies might have created a very complex identity and access management policies and procedures and then assigned no dedicated staff in order to manage the program. 

Measure Your Access Management Productivity Situation

Measuring a company's current access management productivity needs a few points of information. First, gather data and metrics like their access management KPIs. Then, review the IT department's objectives scheduled for the year. Enquire if the company is making progress toward a comprehensive, sustainable access management program that safeguards all users, customers, and assets.

Now that it is known what has been accomplished in access management, they need to find the cost. If the employees already keep detailed time cards or similar reports, start by reviewing that data. The company will probably find that time-reporting systems only provide a general level of detail. Their next step is to meet with a few analysts, technicians, and managers to discuss their daily routines. Ask them about everyday access management tasks. Ask them to maintain a time log for the next week concerning these activities.

The Distinction to Make in Assessing is the Access Management Productivity

Simplify the analysis by categorizing tasks in two categories: routine and non-routine. A routine access management task might be administering a password reset. A non-routine access task may require a higher level of judgment, like revising password management training materials. After the company categorizes the department's tasks into these two groups, they might be surprised at what is found.

The Simple Way to enhance Access Management Productivity This Quarter

Boosting access management productivity is simple. They have already achieved most of the vital work to make a substantial leap forward ineffectiveness. Remember all those time-consuming routine tasks that a company identified? Few professionals enjoy performing the same task over and over. Fortunately, the software doesn't complain.

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