Web application penetration testing can be done internally or externally.

Fremont, CA: Pen testing, often known as penetration testing, is the most prevalent security testing technique for web applications. Penetration testing for web applications involves simulating unauthorized assaults both within and externally in order to get access to sensitive data. End-users can utilize web penetration to determine the likelihood of a hacker gaining access to their data through the internet, the security of their email servers, and the security of their web hosting site and server.

Web-based software Tests might be developed to simulate an attack from the inside or the outside. Web Penetration Testing can mainly be done in two ways:

Internal penetration testing

As the name implies, internal pen testing is done within the enterprise through a local area network and hence involves testing web applications hosted on the intranet—this aids in determining whether or not the business firewall contains any vulnerabilities. We have a tendency to believe that assaults can only occur from the outside, and as a result, internal Pentests are frequently disregarded or undervalued. Malicious Employee Attacks by disgruntled employees or contractors who would have resigned but are aware of internal security policies and passwords, Social Engineering Attacks, Phishing Simulation Attacks, and Attacks Using User Privileges or Misuse of an Unlocked Terminal are all examples of this type of attack.

External penetration testing

External attacks, such as testing web applications housed on the internet, are carried out outside the business. Testers act like inexperienced hackers who are unaware of the inside system. Testers are provided only the target system's IP address and are not given any more information to mimic such attacks. They must search and scan public websites for information on target hosts, then breach the hosts that are discovered. It entails testing servers, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems.

Service Providers are corporations that provide testing services to enterprises. They usually excel and have knowledge in several testing areas, and they can test in their own hosted test environment. Penetration testing can help produce secure software in theory, but it is expensive; thus, it should only be done once a year.

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