Solid infosec helps companies apply security controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, reduces the risks of attacks in information technology systems, prevents disruption of services via cyber-attacks like denial-of-service (DoS attacks), and much more. 

FREMONT, CA: To combat the main threats to data security, organizations must emphasize the importance of information security and act on it. Social engineering, third-party exposure, patch management, ransomware, malware, and overall data vulnerabilities are the top six concerns in information security.

1. Social Engineering

Criminals use social attacks to trick targets into bypassing security measures or disclosing information to gain access to confidential information. One common example is phishing attempts.

2. Third-Party Exposure

Companies must have confidence that any third-party vendors handle sensitive and secure information. If a vendor's data is compromised, the main company that owns the consumer relationship is still held accountable.

3. Patch Management

Cyber-attacks will take advantage of any flaw. Therefore, patch management is one area that businesses must keep up with, and to reduce vulnerabilities must be updated to the latest software releases.

4. Ransomware

Ransomware attacks infect a network and encrypt data until a ransom is paid. The ransom can cause financial and reputational harm and lost productivity and data loss from the attack itself.

5. Malware

Malware is software that contains malicious code designed to harm a company's software, data and information, and ability to conduct business.

6. Overall Data Vulnerabilities

Cyber-attacks can take place through a weakness in the system. Some factors include outdated equipment, unprotected networks, and human error through a lack of employee training. Another risk area is the lax company device policy, which lets employees use personal devices for work. You can evaluate your own company’s exposure via a thoughtful risk assessment plan

Small, medium, and large organizations need protection from cyber-attacks and digital security threats. The safety of information is vital to the strength and growth of the business. Ensuring client data is secure, strong infosec keeps firms operating at full capacity and reduces susceptibility to exploitation by hostile outside forces.