The increasing threat towards security is forcing the companies to apply MSSPs, but several difficulties have to be managed. 

FREMONT, CA: The difficulties in the field of security are shifting and evolving regularly. Various sew threats are coming up frequently and fiercely, making the situation critical for security systems providers. There are multiple factors which is making the situation difficult got the MSSPs. Here are some of the problems related to managed security services

Finding and maintaining security talent 

The market is witnessing s shortage of qualified security candidates, due to which recruiting and retaining these professionals is becoming difficult. Many companies are recruiting candidates internally and generating a complete training program to train their security operations center analysis. 

Changing the way organizations consume IT 

Many companies are shifting towards SaaS-based cloud applications that cannot be combined with the traditional security monitoring tools controlled by MSSPs. In such situations, the managed service provider has to handle numerous security tools due to which there can be a gap in coverage and visibility, leading to security threats.

Limited capabilities to provide threat hunting and incident response services 

Most of the MSSPs only offer security log monitoring services that do not permit MSSPs to provide advanced security incident investigations. Therefore, it can be frustrating for the clients who might think that the alerts are not necessary, and MSSP is burdening the client with the investigation. MSSPs must be integrated into the client processes and access the security tools for removing false positives. This method will help in offering meaningful alerts to clients. 

Determining roles, responsibilities, and scope of managed security services

Today the market is filled with security tools that protect the businesses from the next security threat. It is necessary to manage and maintain security tools. It can also be challenging to maintain a line of responsibilities among the internal IT and managed service providers. In case the duties are not appropriately defined, it will become challenging for both the teams to manage the security tools, and when there is a data breach, the clients will assume that MSSP controls the security tools. 

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