In an evolving technological ecosystem, data breaches can cripple the business, costing the company with millions of dollars loss. In short, the enterprises must adopt accurate measures to prevent the firm from data breach and any other cyber attacks.

FREMONT, CA: Protection of data is a crucial task in an organization. With the increase in data generation, there has been an expansion of cybercriminals who steal the data for malicious acts. This is why the companies should implement Data Loss Protection measures to protect data from vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals are extremely creative in devising new ways and tools to exploit the users and technology to access passwords, network, and also valuable data. The cybercriminals often target the users and capitalize on popular topics and trends to tempt the users into unsafe online behavior. Let's look at some of the tools for Data Loss Prevention for cybersecurity.


Code42 Data Loss Protection solution enables early risk detection, active investigations, and right-sized response. The tool detects the risky file activity across various computers and mail, can distinguish between the sanctioned and unsanctioned behavior, remediate through training, corrective conversation, or legal action and automate incident response actions using SOAR.

SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention

SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention aids enterprises discover, monitor, and secure data at rest, in motion, and to stop exfiltration and ensure regulatory compliance. The solution allows organizations to gain complete visibility into all external attacks and insider risk, whether negligent or malicious, and to control violations before they occur.

Trend Micro Smart Protection

Trend Micro Smart Protection for Endpoints safeguards a broad range of threats, including ransomware, malware, business email compromise, vulnerabilities, malware, and other such. The tool minimizes IT and administrator impact with efficient solutions, which are specifically designed for and integrated with leading customer platforms (endpoint and mobile), enterprise business applications, and cloud applications.

Check Point Data Loss Prevention

Check Point Data Loss Prevention (DLP) monitors data movement and protects organizations from unintentional loss of valuable and sensitive information. The tool tracks and controls any type or format of sensitive information in motion, such as email, web browsing, and file-sharing services. It allows real-time user remediation and alerts the end-users on proper data handling.