Cybersecurity is all about staying ahead of threats rather than managing them later. Let's go through some of the cybersecurity threats for 2020.

FREMONT, CA: The risk and severity of the cyber-attacks have grown over the past few years. For the past few years, humankind has seen the most horrific cases of cybercrimes. The most cybercrimes are related to massive data breaches, flaws in the microchips, cryptojacking, and a lot of others. The advancement of technology and the increased use of digital media is making criminals smarter day by day. Let's now observe some of the cybersecurity threats that will highlight for 2020.

Ransomware enhances

Ransomware has been at the core of attacks that have threatened to take down the cities. Not only the large companies but also the healthcare providers and school districts have faced ransomware threats, as well. These enterprises often have no choice but to pay the ransom to keep the vital services running. Cybercriminals will move beyond DoS attacks to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Enhancing inside threats

The cybersecurity firms themselves are not immune to insider threats. 2020 will bring more breaches, which are mainly caused by the workers if they are targeted, intentional, or the result of simple human error.


Long gone are the days where most of the employees can spot phishing efforts even from a mile. At present, the phishing scam specialists have become much more skilled at crafting all-too-authentic communications. The tech-savvy criminals are now repurposing data from their last successful breach. Some use AI to learn corporate lingo and to collect voice snippets that are used in sophisticated phone phishing scams.

In 2020, the protecting proprietary and personal consumer data will surely become a significant concern for any entity with an online presence.

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