Applying identity management use cases in business processes is the best process for government agencies and organizations to provide uninterrupted services while ensuring system security.

FREMONT, CA: Identity management use cases can help identity and access management architects enhance identity, credential, and access management (ICAM) practices within their organizations.

Identity management use cases for ICAM best practices have been certified as IAM guidelines for numerous government agencies. Multiple factors influence the use and deployment of the use cases in these situations. They include the personnel involved in the ICAM cycle, the systems involved, and a high-level summary of the possible actions.

Even within every specific ICAM business process, the listed identity management use cases tend to be interconnected. In these instances, the technologies and activities are generalized, ensuring that they can be applied in various organizations. It is crucial to highlight that the comprehensive processes in these identity management use cases are not organization or department specific.

The information provided below is comprehensive in terms of what the use cases involve.

Identity Creation and Maintenance

When an organization hires an employee or a contractor, it collects identity-related data from the individual and stores that data as identity attributes, which functions as a digital proxy to identify the person within the organization. To maintain individual identities unified, the qualities will be aggregated into a single identity format.

Throughout the IAM life cycle, the administrator is primarily responsible for gathering and managing employee identity data. The gathered identity information does not have to come directly from the individual.

Proof an Identity

The formation and assignment of a credential to an individual needs some proof of the individual's claimed identity. It is an essential process in which an organization collects and verifies information about an individual so that it can be used to establish an enterprise identity. It is also recognized as identity proofing. The Identity Assurance Level (IAL) platform is ideal for determining the critical factors that must be considered while performing individual identity proofing.

Entitlement Lifecycle Management

Individuals, roles, and even groups are provided lifecycle entitlements. The entitlements are established to determine which employees or contractors have access to the agency's services. Employees do not have authorized access to the entity's services if entitlements are not assigned. The procedure is easy to follow.

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