The companies are using artificial intelligence to train the employees about cybersecurity awareness as it simplifies the process. 

FREMONT, CA: The way people live, and work is transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). The capability to anticipate, personalize, and customize has reached new levels due to intuitive machine learning systems. Such prediction, personalization, and customization capabilities make AI ideal for training in cybersecurity awareness. Today, companies can offer security awareness training to the employees that adjust to what they know and how they learn, perfectly blends with their roles and challenges, and makes training engaging and creative.

A company's workforce is the first layer of defense against cyber threats like phishing, malware, and spear phishing. It means they must offer security awareness training for the staff. Such activity can be knowledgeable, savvy, and engaging as cybercriminals use emails to encourage people to click and share sensitive information or download attachments.

AI cybersecurity training helps employers to address the individual learning needs of employees specifically. Some workers may prefer long-form videos, others may like gamified character training to which they can relate, and others may benefit from task-based learning and simulations. The employees do not have the same level of experience and understanding of cybersecurity. AI cybersecurity awareness provides the most effective learning opportunity for the employees with:

Smarter Learning Process

Personalized training ensures that the practice is more successful, and the training materials are more engaging for the workers. Machine learning-based training also provides workers with the information they need to ensure that immediate learning requirements are satisfied.

Retention Management

Balancing the amount of information provided in training with employee cognitive skills and retention can be challenging. AI cybersecurity training will strategically "drive" data to employees to give them only the most essential, useful, and memorable information now.

Improved Employee Experience

The proper training in an accurate manner at the right time ensures that workers get an integrated learning experience. Employees understand why they are taking the practice and how it relates to their everyday life, combined with an immersive and adaptable training experience.