Thousands of Microsoft Azure customers can now access Resecurity® SaaS cybersecurity services, which enable visibility and protection of digital ecosystems.

FREMONT, CA: The internet delivers items, markets, places orders, and communicates with clients. Because of increased reliance on the internet, cyber attackers now target corporations, culminating in an enormous payoff. Malicious actors employ sophisticated tactics to steal data, commit data breaches, and lock entire company systems, with a considerable ransom required in exchange for the database's restoration. Resecurity, cybersecurity, and intelligence company declared that Microsoft's Azure Marketplace now offers access to its highly regarded cybersecurity threat intelligence and risk management platform.

"Enterprises continue to battle increasing cyber threats emerging from the Dark Web and ransomware groups targeting cloud services. Trusted partners like Microsoft Azure have enabled organizations to confidently bring in the cybersecurity expertise and solutions they need to protect their ecosystems. Resecurity is dedicated to helping organizations worldwide mitigate these risks with our reliable, scalable and accessible cybersecurity and threat intelligence software." says Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity.

With more than four million active users and customers, Microsoft's Azure Marketplace is one of the largest marketplaces in the world and offers hundreds of certified cloud applications and services. Enterprises ask for more assistance to safeguard and manage the changing cyber threat landscape since the cyber risk is a top concern for CEOs and business owners. More significantly, they're searching for dependable suppliers of scalable, secure solutions compatible with current operating systems.

Microsoft Azure is now used by businesses globally for their cloud services. Resecurity's software solutions are readily available to the millions of Microsoft Azure customers who want comprehensive cybersecurity management and monitoring by joining the Microsoft Azure marketplace.