The goal is to increase trust in digital transformation among consumers, partners, and employers, all of whom are becoming more digitally aware.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses frequently overlook the importance of human intervention. It is critical not only to alter technology but also to transform the way we do business. Digital technologies are altering the IT sector, yet each new technology widens the danger landscape and makes overall cybersecurity risk management more difficult. Regardless of whether the primary motivation for digital transformation is to enhance revenue or reduce operating costs, the risks are connected with allowing access to these new technologies. Identity and access management (IAM) has emerged recently to help reduce these difficulties. IAM is critical in managing a digital strategy since it controls access to digital technology and manages the underlying processes for each identity, whether human or non-human.

The layer of identity integration

It is considering IAM solutions that allow building an identity integration layer. It should simplify integration across many platforms and accelerate scale implementation. It allows gathering all user information and consolidating access to identify user behavior simply. Converting a prospect into a client in a business and maintaining them in a typical online business involves multiple stages.

Practical insights

Businesses must be able to get in-depth knowledge of user behavior. It is critical to detect breaches and fraud as early as feasible by identifying indicators of compromise. Inquire about AI capabilities and how the system gives information to secure the environment and drive marketing and sales campaigns when picking an IAM solution. In most cases, IAM begins with identifying each user, followed by identity proofing and verification to drive the user journey by collecting personal insights into each user's identity and offering a holistic experience securely.


Inquiring about how the solution supports regulatory compliance and audit processes, particularly to meet country-specific privacy requirements more efficiently. An effective IAM solution addresses all internal or external stakeholders, customers or partners, workers or contractors.


To accelerate IAM implementation while reducing overall complexity and cost, business leaders should inquire whether the solution is cloud-based or a converged IAM solution. To construct a successful digital transformation journey for your consumer, you must collect a variety of variables ranging from personal profiles to health conditions. IAM initiatives are integrated from the start to improve managing the user lifetime.