Data security is a very crucial aspect of a company that must not be ignored, thinking that data breach won’t happen in the future.

FREMONT, CA: Data breaches and cybercrimes are on a constant rise. A recent study states that more than two-thirds of the organizations that have not experienced a data security incident believed that their company was unlikely to be impacted by a breach in the future. Meanwhile, almost half of businesses reported they had witnessed a security breach.

It is now apparent than ever that the protection of systems must be a priority for the companies. Today's cybersecurity landscape gives attackers an advantage as they require just one entryway into a system to compromise the network. Meanwhile, security professionals must find and fix every security vulnerability that might leave their system open to attackers. Additionally, the amount of time in the middle of a system break-in and a total compromise could be seconds that underscores the need for continuous security monitoring.

The eternal question pertains, whether to use a managed security service provider (MSSP) or an in-house security operations center (SOC).

Managed security service provider

An MSSP is a company that offers outsourced security monitoring and management of the organization's systems and networks. This consists of managing intrusion detection, firewall, the company's virtual private network (VPN), anti-virus configuration, and vulnerability testing. MSSPs gives enterprises 24/7 monitoring services; therefore, eliminating the need to hire and train a large security staff.

An in-house security operations center

SOC is a department in a company dedicated to monitoring the network to find and respond to security breaches. While this group is generally a part of the IT department, the SOC staff doesn't perform in-house customer services as the rest of the IT staff.

Finding the balance

There are a few valid reasons to create an in-house security operations center, and the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. A managed security service provider includes a team of professionals who are experienced in a range of security issues and can be counted on to resolve the problem quickly.

Whoever one chooses to work with takes ample time to ensure that agreed SLAs meet their needs and that they can trust the provider with the sensitive data.