Discovering the best phishing awareness training solutions can protect enterprises. 

FREMONT, CA: As technology innovates, cybercriminals are changing their phishing attacks to make malicious messages harder for machines and humans to find. Conventional phishing emails target hundreds or even thousands of recipients at a time. They’re tailored to trick users into clicking on a URL to a webpage where they are asked to enter personal data. Spear phishing emails are targeted and personal. The attacker impersonates a trustable source, pretending to know their victim so that users will trust them when they ask for sensitive data. Both types of attacks have vital indicators that users can look out to decide whether an email is genuine or fraudulent. 

Proofpoint’s engaging materials make their solution popular amongst users. The content itself is tailored to promote security best practices and teach users how to identify and report phishing threats. Each module is available on-demand and takes a few minutes to complete, so it is seamlessly to fit the training in around busy work schedules. Alongside their training library content, Proofpoint’s solution provides phishing simulation to test how effectively users react to phishing threats and enable administrators to target training in areas where it is required. This comprises a Phish Alarm feature, which enables users to report phishing attacks to their security team.

GLS’s phishing awareness training leveraged interactive, scenario-based content to teach users about how attacks work and how to manage them. Gamification and rewards ensure that the training experience is engaging for users, which results in higher levels of retention and understanding. GLS’s content can be accessed on smart devices and conventional desktops, ideal for digital firms and those with remote workers. Because all of their content is customizable, GLS’s solution is right for enterprises of any size searching for a long-term training roadmap with ongoing reinforcement.