As customers and prospects make cybersecurity a priority, there’s a lot of opportunity for businesses, and opportunity comes with challenges and risks.

FREMONT, CA: The rising cyber-attacks have kept enterprises on a back foot, and data breaches have coaxed businesses into diverting their money meant for business development towards risk control. Such data breaches have several impacts on companies. Businesses have suffered enough at the hands of hackers, and now they are willing to put an end to it. Managed Security Services are letting enterprises effectively handle their data security without putting a hole in their pockets. Learn more here.

There is no doubt that firms are becoming more aware of cybersecurity and its impact on their businesses. Today, businesses view cybersecurity as the top or one of the top five priorities in their organization. The majority of businesses that don’t currently use an MSP would consider hiring one if they provided the right cybersecurity solution for their organization’s needs. That presents a significant opportunity for MSPs to transition to be a security-first provider, attract new business, and tap into new revenue streams.

To keep clients secure, firms need to nail their internal security controls. Clients hold the keys to a lot of SMBs’ networks, infrastructures, and data. If firms get hit with an attack, it’s not just firms that get hurt. Performing a risk assessment in business is essential. Installing the tools, providing the training, and implementing the processes is also important. It shows clients that firms take security seriously and trust the security measures selling. Cybersecurity might be getting traction within businesses, but there are still many areas they don’t understand. As firms start having more in-depth conversations around cybersecurity, they will need to speak the same language both in terms they understand and current events.

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The weakest security link in many businesses is their staff. This isn’t to say their employees are irresponsible—they just aren’t up to date on the latest cybersecurity practices. Everyone has a different level of cybersecurity expertise. By including security awareness training as part of the services, firms can get everyone on the same level and be more aware of their responsibility to keep their company safe.