Optimizing the router by understanding all it can do can add a lot of value to your network security and minimize risks.

FREMONT, CA: Network security deserves a lot of attention. The presence of loopholes in security can increase the risk of attacks and make the network vulnerable. There are many ways by which security can be bolstered. Each component in the system, including the router, can be utilized towards making the home as well as office network safe and protect sensitive information from spilling into the wrong hands. Here is how must go about configuring the router for the best results.

Making Wireless Safer

Wireless communications and IoT devices are together making connectivity convenient and efficient. Most of the devices used these days have the internet. Anybody in the router range can access this internet and network. To prevent this access, routers should be made to lock the network and make it secure through a passphrase that only legitimate users know. 

Only specific Devices must be allowed access

A passphrase to secure the network is only a first step. With sophisticated tools, an attacker might be able to unlock and enter the system. To prevent this from happening, it is better to limit the number of devices that can connect to a router. By specifying the MAC address of a device to the router, an extra layer of security is created like no other device can connect even after breaking the passphrase.

Enabling the Router Firewall

The router includes a firewall that acts as a layer of security by preventing the internet from accessing data in the devices. This barrier is a default one, and users can configure it through the router's interface on the computer or device.

Striking Out Malicious Websites

An intrusion does not always have to be through a network security breach; it can also happen through many of the malicious websites that add codes to one's devices when they are opened. A router has features which allow the users to enable internet access policy which blocks website addresses that can cause harm to the security.

Security threats can hamper many functionalities and lead to data loss as well. Safeguarding the network should be treated as a priority. The router can come in handy in making security feasible.