Effective IAM solutions aid enterprises in facilitating secure, efficient access to technology resources across diverse systems while delivering essential benefits.

FREMONT, CA: Many organizations today are faced with the challenge of offering their employees the right level of access to the resources at the right time. Workforces have emerged to a mobile-first strategy, and supporting user access from various locations and devices can present new sets of risks if not managed properly. Today, enterprises need to adopt governance practices and solutions to manage these risks and address operational inefficiencies. This demand can be met by implementing an effective identity and access management solution. Know more here.

An IAM system can offer assurance and help track employee activity. Having the potential to know that only individual employees can view applications will strengthen security and operational programs for an enterprise. Parameters can be set in the system to identify any suspicious activity or issues that might go undetected. User data can quickly become a complex issue to track without an adequate control system in place. IAM protects enterprise against security incidents by enabling administrators to automate user account-related tasks. This comprises the ability to have automated workflow for the on-boarding of employees, giving access to systems and applications they are authorized to access.

IAM solutions aid organizations in meeting industry compliance needs and saving costs by reducing the time needed to deal with user account-related issues. Identity and access management standardizes and automates vital aspects of managing identities, authentication, and authorization, saving time and money while mitigating risk to the business.

Using an IAM platform to manage user access enables administrators to perform their work more efficiently. The security team may have additional upfront work combining new systems into an IAM platform but may dedicate time to managing that platform, saving time, effort, and money. When users get access through a centralized platform, they benefit from single sign-on technology that reduces their interactions with security systems. Legitimate attempts to access resources will succeed.

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