To evolve their security awareness program, firms need to add creativity.

FREMONT, CA: In the modern world, it is vital to deploy security awareness training in the workplace. Without security awareness training, how would the employees know how to stay protected? Many enterprises tend to see security awareness training as an addition to their function and not a need. This factor is largely due to the high cost associated with a security awareness training platform. By adding a bit of no-cost creativity, firms can continue to evolve their security awareness program and stay ahead of the bad actors.

• Webinars

Webinars are the easy and most digestible form of content to distract from a long day. Employees can watch a webinar during lunch, on a slower day, or even out of the office. Administrators can seamlessly add webinars to their overall training program to add a different flavor and content intake. Webinars are usually hosted by leading industry experts that provide a more relaxed and relatable way for them to learn. Employees can also be encouraged to engage with the library on their own and share outside the workplace.

• Blogs

From a cybersecurity perspective, there are many popular media outlets and blogs that firms should follow along. Searching for a blog is as easy as searching for specific blogs focused on security awareness training. The blog can organize under many topics to easily find the topics that interest the audience. The areas are Security Awareness, Phishing, Cybercrime, Social Engineering, Ransomware.

• Preparing Leadership Team

Providing the leadership team with talking points to help reinforce key learning from content, webinars, and blogs is significant in ensuring the message lives. Managers can bring light to concepts in their daily huddles, weekly team meetings, and reinforcements through their written communications. This keeps vital points top-of-mind and enables the power of repetition.

• Town Halls and Communications

Company-wide information sessions offer an optimal method to share, introduce or reinforce essential content and enable the organization to demonstrate its commitment to keeping the firms and employees safe. If not a whole town hall, then certainly finds means to inject security-focused content into other large-scale meetings.