A government needs to keep cyber threats under control as even a small attack on the systems can lead to a significant crisis.

Fremont, CA: Criminals and other malevolent cyber threat actors, many of which operate outside of the borders, use security holes, low cyber security awareness, and technological advancements to corrupt cyber systems. They steal financial and personal data, intellectual property, and trade secrets. They destabilize and occasionally destroy the infrastructure upon which the people rely for critical services and a standard of living. As dangerous cyber tools become more accessible and cybercrime rates continue to grow, Canada's economic security faces a serious challenge.

Using digital technology to mitigate cyber threats

Canada's participation in digital life has brought enormous income and benefits and offered a new gateway to the rest of the globe. Governments, businesses, and other organizations have a crucial role in safeguarding these advantages by instituting robust security for their online platforms, products, and services.

Cybersecurity is only as robust as its most vulnerable connection. Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as many organizations in Canada, have the same issues in safeguarding their systems and networks as their much bigger counterparts but with fewer resources and expertise. Governments can assist in redressing this imbalance by offering advice and direction and facilitating access to cyber security knowledge and technologies—this aids Canada's public and business sectors in adopting digital technology successfully.

Individual expertise is extremely valuable in cyber security, from digital literacy to coding and threat mitigation abilities. Initiatives in Canadian communities, schools, and postsecondary institutions assist in equipping Canadians with digital age skills. Through long-term investments, the Canadian government is helping Canadians of all backgrounds obtain the education and job experience necessary to engage in an increasingly digital economy.

Quantum science and technology make it possible to process and safeguard information significantly more quickly and securely. Quantum devices could have transformative applications in various sectors, such as enhancing our understanding of how diseases originate and enhancing the efficacy of medical therapies. Quantum can safeguard information and push technology to new limits. Still, its use poses a danger to numerous forms of encryption used to protect systems and applications in Canada and worldwide today.