With cyberspace threats evolving at a breakneck pace, many businesses are scrambling to protect their networks and systems.

FREMONT, CA:  60 percent of small businesses that experience data breaches never fully recover. CEOs and CTOs maintain vigilance and work to strengthen their organizations’ cybersecurity. Hiring cybersecurity consulting services is one way to accomplish this. Their services can provide the following benefits to a business or organization:

Auditing Information Technology Systems Comprehensively

A thorough analysis of the existing systems is the first step in any cybersecurity consulting. The experts can assist entrepreneurs in identifying security flaws in their networks that cybercriminals may exploit. The team then proposes customized solutions for network protection.

Staff Development

Networks, systems, portable devices, and human error are the four most common weak points in cybersecurity. 95% of cyber-attacks are the result of human error. A single mistake made by an employee can bring the entire system to a halt. Cybersecurity consulting services can assist entrepreneurs in educating members of their non-IT staff about best security practices.

Conformity with Governmental Regulations

As personal data loss increases, the government is tightening the noose on businesses to accept responsibility. Specific industries already have regulations in place. Health has the HIPPA act, which regulates health industry players' access to private information. Cybersecurity consulting services can assist in establishing the appropriate framework to ensure compliance with applicable government regulations.

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