Fortinet enables a significantly closer integration, increased automation, and a more quick, coordinated, and effective network-wide response to threats.

Fremont, CA: Technology companies are in the business of providing clients with digital innovation. Their research and development teams utilize cutting-edge technologies and systems, yet, these can frequently increase the attack surface and complicate network security for corporations.

Frequently, technology companies enjoy a distinct cultural reputation, retain essential intellectual property, and maintain significant consumer data. Thus, they continue to be attractive targets for cybercriminals and their more sophisticated cyberattacks. These enterprises require best-of-breed security solutions that are not only scalable to handle their particular issues but also agile enough to adapt to their rapid expansion.

Fortinet solves the following challenges in technology organizations:

High performance and low latency

Modern infrastructures necessitate platforms that can route, examine, and block traffic without affecting application performance and, ultimately, the user experience. The Security-Driven Networking methodology consolidates networking and security into a single, expedited solution. A specifically built operating system and security processors boost network performance and security significantly. This allows Fortinet to inspect and provide data with a fraction of the delay of competing solutions.

Massive growth and quick response

Automation is essential for maintaining the quick scale required by technology-driven businesses today. Not only has the number of people and devices exploded, but their locations are frequently outside of typical security perimeters, creating a vast attack surface. In order to usher in an era of more automation, a variety of tools have been available on the market. FortiSOAR security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) systematizes repetitious operations that might otherwise necessitate more personnel or divert resources from a more in-depth analysis of sophisticated and multilayer intrusions.

Visibility in the distributed enterprise

Technology businesses frequently maintain many branch offices throughout the world, typically in collaboration with remote support personnel and management to recruit top talent and support resource-intensive activities such as R&D. Connections between these sites, headquarters, and public cloud services must be safe and dependable, and Fortinet can provide all of the required components for a secure SD-WAN and SD-Branch solution.