With a hardware-based firewall between your company's valuable information and the internet, work from home employees may rest better knowing that they have an additional layer of network security to protect them when working from home.

FREMONT, CA: COVID-19 has impacted many organizations and now has workers working from home. Working from home, after all, brings a whole new set of security concerns when it comes to employees continuing to conduct their regular jobs and using business resources to complete tasks. So, how can you ensure that your employees' laptops aren't left vulnerable to online dangers during this time. Companies must begin to look closer to home to ensure that their corporate network is updated and secure against online attacks. Because work from home employees will connect to this network, you must ensure that it is safe from internal and external threats.

Fortify your company network using FortiGate.

Fortinet's FortiGate cybersecurity solutions are hardware-based. They're made to guard your company's network against malware, exploits, harmful websites, and encrypted and non-encrypted online traffic. If you're not sure what it entails, it simply means that you'll receive a secure cybersecurity hardware solution from a reputable manufacturer. It's a cost-effective and simple-to-implement business solution ideal for when your workers work from home, and you need additional internet security and protection for your company's assets.

FortiGate provides cutting-edge security technology.

Any FortiGate hardware firewall comes with the most up-to-date cybersecurity technology and upgrades as standard. That means that if you install one of these hardware-based firewalls on your corporate network, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get real-time attack protection and detection and prevention for well-known assaults, thanks to threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs security services. It uses artificial intelligence to detect dangers and prevent them from occurring proactively.

Best security platform protects you.

Fortinet Security Fabric is included with every FortiGate hardware firewall. The platform provides your firm with a comprehensive view of all potential attacks your network may be vulnerable. It allows you to quickly discover possible weak points in your corporate network and configure your FortiGate hardware-based firewall accordingly. Zero-trust network access secures devices and users in real-time on and off the network.

Designed for the company's network security

All FortiGate hardware firewalls use FortiOS. Each FortiGate hardware firewall is powered by an operating system that is user-friendly and provides comprehensive visibility and control of the firewall's security networking capabilities. It's also compatible with other FortiGate network security products your firm may already have installed. FortiOS provides a single point of concentration for all digital attack surfaces that your company and network may face.