BTblock's Identity Access Management platform makes its first product offering.

FREMONT, CA: FYEO Inc., a threat monitoring and identity access management platform, declares that it has emerged from stealth mode with the launch of its first B2B product, FYEO Domain Intelligence, and the acquisition of threat intelligence firm Intelliagg.

FYEO has been developing its platform in stealth mode for both the B2B and B2C markets since enterprise technology, and cybersecurity consultancy BTblock incubated it. FYEO DI's primary B2B offering will be domain, credential, and threat monitoring services for the enterprise and small and medium-sized business markets. FYEO Identity, the second offering, will provide enterprise and consumer markets with password management and identity intelligence capabilities. It is scheduled to launch in H2 2021.

FYEO's acquisition of Intelliagg, a leading threat intelligence company that assists global enterprise clients in preventing or mitigating data loss, reputational damage, and targeted cybercrime through the provision of machine learning-based intelligent threat detection, represents a significant advancement. Intelliagg offers a comprehensive suite of professional and managed services for cyber threat intelligence and incident response management.

“The close fit between the offerings of FYEO and Intelliagg substantially enhance our capabilities for current clients and is expected to drive greater enterprise adoption,” says Brian Gale, FYEO CEO, and BTblock Co-founder. “Looking to the future, FYEO’s active database of over 20 billion leaked credentials and cracked passwords will provide immediate insight to businesses and complement our expanded threat monitoring services.”

Intelliagg's intellectual property and codebase have been integrated into FYEO DI to enhance its automation capabilities for reporting and alerting FYEO DI clients to potential threats. FYEO DI clients are supported as a managed service offering by the BTblock cybersecurity solutions and research practice, with Managing Director Mikael Björn overseeing enterprise client engagement.

“Through the Intelliagg acquisition, we both supplement the FYEO DI technology stack and gain access to their expertise, industry knowledge and client base,” says Thomas Olofsson, FYEO CTO, and BTblock Co-founder. “By leveraging BTblock consulting relationships, we can quickly assess the needs firms have for both FYEO DI and FYEO Identity and deliver immediate insight, preventative cyber threat intelligence and necessary remediation action plans.”

FYEO is also announcing the formation of an advisory board, led by Scott J. Carlson, Kudelski Group Director of Global Architecture & Strategy, Head of Digital Asset Security; and Ace St Germain, Chief Product Officer at and former Head of Content Programming at Twitch, an Amazon-owned company