FREMONT, CA: A limited amount of coverage has led us to believe that data breaches and cyber attacks only happen to big firms once in a while. The actual number of violations, on the other hand, is high but a majority of these go unreported which leads one to underestimate the gravity of the situation and overlook the losses that smaller businesses have to bear in the face of such attacks. It is high time for enterprises to enhance their awareness and raise their defenses against cybercriminals.

Small businesses are principally vulnerable to cyber attacks for a variety of reasons. Running on lower budgets, absence of active defenses, and lack of expertise could be a few of them. In case of an attack, the non-existence of recovery strategies proves dear to these small businesses. It is not an option for the companies to adopt a sense of urgency in their quest to deal with the menace created by cyber goons as a cyber attack can threaten both financial stability as well as the reputation among customers.

Allocating the limited amount of resources in a way which would be impactful is essential. A concerted effort towards recognizing and protecting the most critical assets in the business ensures that money and resources are effectively used. A cloud-based approach provides safety benefits without hampering the budget allocated for security. If hiring a security expert is beyond the means of a company, it should engage third-party experts that can evaluate and improve the security infrastructure.

The threat landscape is never still. The threats keep evolving, and trends keep changing. A proactive approach in the face of these changes ensures that the companies are updated regarding the risks and are also not paying for something that isn't a requirement anymore. The strategy needs to be re-evaluated to keep it cost-efficient and yet functional. Investment is never a limitation in Cyber Security if the small businesses demarcate priorities well.