Cobalt Iron's recently patented machine learning approaches strengthen authentication controls over time, protecting businesses from cyber assaults.

Fremont, CA: Enterprise security is critical because the scale of the danger to businesses is enormous now and will continue to grow in the future. Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, has received a patent for its machine learning (ML) authentication control technology. U.S. Patent 11310237, issued on April 19, describes new features for Cobalt Iron Compass, an enterprise SaaS backup platform. Compass already has a patent for dynamically optimizing user authentication and access to IT resources based on what's going on in the environment. This new invention adds another layer of intelligence and security to enterprise IT resources and operations by incorporating new machine learning techniques.

Controlling permission and access to IT resources such as data, data centers, hardware devices, and apps is an important aspect of any commercial business's security. Yet, in practice, authentication controls are static, rarely modified, and insensitive to changing situations and occurrences. These controls are frequently not monitored or examined to see if they are effective or optimized to meet the company's security and safety goals. In rare cases, such as a fire or a catastrophic weather incident, security administrators may need to temporarily change user authentication roles to guarantee corporate security and safety. As a result, security flaws exist, exposing corporate data, processes, and infrastructure to attack.

Cobalt Iron's newly patented machine learning approaches solve such issues by continuously improving authentication controls over time by learning from the results of previous controls. Furthermore, the technology updates permission controls automatically based on situations, events, project status, access activities, and other factors. This minimizes the security risks associated with outdated and unresponsive authorization controls, making the overall IT infrastructure more secure and intelligent.

"Today's authentication control practices can't keep up with continually changing business environments, and that can easily lead to security risks," states Richard Spurlock, CEO, and founder of Cobalt Iron. "The novel techniques in this patent use extensive data collection, analytics, and machine learning to adjust user authentication and access to IT resources dynamically based on environmental events and operational outcomes. Not only does this mean that IT infrastructures and business security controls become more intelligent over time, but they automatically adjust themselves to continue meeting business security and safety needs."