Cloudentity customers will save money on software operating and license expenses while achieving difficult B2B CIAM requirements due to the global availability of Identity Pools.

Fremont, CA: Existing CIAM technologies are costly, sluggish, and unable to meet modern fine-grained authorization and B2B privacy/data sharing needs, creating a problem for businesses when developing the next generation of applications. Cloudentity, the leading provider of B2B Customer Identity and Authorization (CIAM) solutions, has made global availability of Identity Pools. Identity Pools is a novel capability that disrupts conventional on-premise and cloud-based identity providers by offering a lightweight identity platform with user registration, consent management, delegated administration, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities. Identity Pools is designed to fulfill the cloud-scale transactional needs of digital transformation and growing privacy regulations.

Since its initial, invite-only release in 2021, Identity Pools has been capable of auto-scaling as a cloud-native application, allowing businesses seeking more transactional capacity to scale in fractions of a second and with pinpoint accuracy. Identity Pools also provides financial grade API (FAPI) support, multi-factor authentication (MFA), user management, consent management, delegated administration, and extensible schemas to businesses.

Identity Pools are lean IdP configurations designed specifically for developers. They contain customized schemas and an architecture that prioritizes APIs for modern B2B CIAM use cases. Identity Pools offers no-code brandable user journeys for registration, password reset, and strong authentication, built on a REST API layer that developers can leverage to design any conceivable user journey process.

“Cloudentity is the first B2B CIAM platform built from the ground up for the cloud while also protecting end-user privacy. Today hundreds of organizations and 10’s of millions of users are protected by our platform,” states Brook Lovatt, CPO of Cloudentity. “Any company can now modernize its approach to customer identity using Identity Pools, while at the same time drastically reducing operational and licensing costs. Additionally, implementing Identity Pools allows customers to shift their focus from strong authentication at the start of the user session to refining customer experience with privacy-centric fine-grained authorization.”