Enterprise IAM platforms should have features to allow the mobile environment.

FREMONT, CA: As enterprises focus on cybersecurity, Identity and Access Management (IAM) software is essential to allow digital business. The role of IAM extended beyond conventional authentication and authorization to a whole range of new identity services. Here is an examination of what firms should expect from the best IAM solutions. When thinking about IAM solutions, it is seamlessly to concentrate on the world of hackers and bad actors trying to get access to the corporate network. After all, enterprise IAM software is under attack – hackers made 30 billion login attempts and, on average, 82 million times a day.

Ensuring that the people, systems, and things have access to the needed resources at the right times for the right reasons is the Identity and Access Management. The best IAM solutions handle both employee identities within an enterprise and across an extended business ecosystem of customers, suppliers, contractors, and partners. In today’s hyper-connected world, the best Identity and Access Management software has to guard everything – systems, users, devices, and data – that connect to the network, whether on-premise or cloud-powered.

When firms start to evaluate IAM products, they need to look past the IAM software or IAM platform to evaluate the range of IAM services that the best IAM providers bundle with their solutions. Firms must look at the Identity and Access Management principles that are applied. For some, the IAM strategy is to implement IAM-managed services developed on Identity and Access Management best practices and a sound, flexible IAM policy framework and governance model. Conventional IAM systems depended on simple user name and password authentication and have been increasingly augmented by single sign-on where users need speed and convenience when accessing all their network services. While offering a central security feature, single sign-on still represents a vulnerability point for usual IAM tools.

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