FortiCNP streamlines cloud security, expedites risk management, and provides near-real-time threat protection with zero-permission malware detection capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud security secures the accessibility of your data and apps to authorized users. Companies will always have a dependable method of accessing their cloud applications and data, allowing them to respond swiftly to possible security threats. Fortinet®, a global leader in comprehensive, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions, has come up with FortiCNP. This new built-in-the-cloud service correlates security results across an organization's cloud footprint to enable frictionless cloud security operations. FortiCNP's unique Resource Risk Insights technology generates context-rich, actionable insights that assist teams in prioritizing the remediation and mitigation of risks with the greatest potential impact on cloud workload security without impeding business operations.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Launch Partner Fortinet offers agentless malware detection capabilities across AWS data stores, disk volumes, and workload images. FortiCNP supports Amazon GuardDuty Malware Security, offering near-real-time threat protection with zero-permission capabilities to scan operating workloads without impacting or delaying operations.

"At AWS, we provide our customers with smarter tools to easily take action and mitigate risk faster," states Jon Ramsey, Vice President (VP) of AWS Security. "Security Partners like Fortinet with their FortiCNP offering built on AWS and integrated with our security services like Amazon GuardDuty give customers a choice to simplify and accelerate their cloud journey with cloud-native security services."

The rising adoption of cloud computing as part of a hybrid IT architecture enables businesses to achieve faster time to market and enhanced customer response. However, cloud computing can increase an organization's overall security risk, typically mitigated by adding new security solutions to its existing infrastructure. Each of these solutions includes a plethora of signals that frequently necessitate manual investigation and can quickly accumulate across a company's cloud deployment.

FortiCNP Resource Risk Insights (RRI)TM leverages a patented risk score algorithm to contextualize security findings from Fortinet Cloud Security solutions and AWS products and services to provide teams with prioritized, context-rich, and actionable insights regarding resources that pose the greatest risk and require immediate attention.

Customers may optimize the value of Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection, Amazon Inspector, AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Organizations by analyzing, correlating, and contextualizing the security findings from AWS cloud security services using FortiCNP.

FortiCNP will continue to be enhanced to incorporate a greater variety of cloud security findings to provide a larger context for a greater number of cloud workloads. Teams can increase security coverage, productivity, and risk mitigation "at the pace of the cloud" by enabling standard workflows that scale security throughout the public cloud. Cloud-native integrations eliminate friction during deployment and operations. With consistent workflows leveraging cloud-native services across different clouds, security teams will no longer need to understand the complexities of each cloud platform's security service operational model. This would enable security teams to boost productivity by efficiently addressing cloud security backlog, lowering risk, and incrementally enhancing cloud security.

"FortiCNP is the latest example of Fortinets commitment to delivering Fabric solutions that extend enterprise security with cloud-native integrations," explains John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet. "We're pleased to continue to deliver solutions that allow security professionals to transition from time-consuming triage and manual analysis processes to proactively securing their cloud workloads and easily understand their cloud security risk."